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      Friends I’m doing that thing again.
      i) I am having a terrible time getting myself motivated to pick up the thread from the day before and get going each morning. Brain is unresponsive. Reward motivation not working.
      ii) I am making it worse by yelling at myself for not being motivated

      I’m making myself get started but jeez, I am hating my brain and self for putting me in this position.

      oh did I say that I work from home so its easy to start late and end early?


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      Sam k

      I’m the same, I have been meaning to start a blog for the past few years, I also work from home too, business has gone to pot. I’m not a people’s person with the adhd, it makes me despair.

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      Motivation is going to come from Desire and Will Power….if you can get your desire strong enough, you can literally accomplish ANYTHING! I’ve tested and tried what I’m saying and have been on ADHD meds since I was Seven yrs old..been on and off the meds and completely off them for 5 years and then back on them…and Im telling you regarding ADHD and motivation, GET YOUR DESIRE FIGURED OUT AND SO INTENSE AND YOUR WILL POWER WILL COME NATURALLY..The meds will help so long as you haven’t grown a high tolerance for them…also ur desire to create a blog isn’t strong enough(no offense) let me explain, it’s what it will do for you whether financial or fame or self accomplished…..if you want a better or stronger form of ADHD meds, get off the meds for 2 ,3,4 days and then take them…or start cbd oils…like I replied to the grad student….im doing both

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        Sam k

        Domain geek I have been assessed nd referred to psychiatry, waiting to be assessed and hopefully medicated. I have never been medicated for adhd , all my life I knew something was wrong, finally found out beofre my 40th birthday. I have a whole load of other symptoms interfering with daily functioning too.

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      This is definitely a daily problem for me. I work part-time. And I get to basically choose my hours maybe 2 hours a day. So that results in my house not clean as I would like it to be. I clean, I sit on the couch play on the internet so I get bored. Then I go clean some more. Then I go sit down an hour or two and so on until on every single day. You think I should have a immaculate house cuz I’m home all day but the motivation is sometimes very hard to get. I’m glad I’m not alone and I will give you keeping in touch with this thread to get any ideas I can come you guys that have conquered and defeated this

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      LoL. Sometimes I jokingly lecture myself, in negative words.. but I keep in mind that I’m just joking with myself to avoid like, spiraling. I try to make it funny for me, and randomly calling myself hot garbage and a train wreck is hillarious to me and I can kinda make a game out of it.

      “Wake up, you piece of crap. Stop pressing the damn snooze button you lazy trash animal. Take a shower you smell like hot garbage. Go to work and sit at your desk like a train wreck. Don’t be late for your stupid meeting.”

      Might not work for everybody but berating myself in a playful fashion makes motivation fun for me…

      Also I fail sometimes so don’t take my advice as a silver bullet. 😛

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      General Chow

      Motivation and actuation is a constant issue for my ADD brain, especially as I start drifting towards my 30s. Getting your desires figured out like the poster above-mentioned is definitely the path forward, but It’s sometimes difficult to identify or find the things you desire. I think the suggestion below will help.

      Like a workout buddy or a sponsor for Alcoholics Anonymous, I think it’s pivotal for a person with ADD to find support groups and friends. You need somebody that you can call at 7:00 AM in the morning. Somebody that’s going to push you out of bed, and someone that you can talk to about your goals, passions, and fears. A real friend. My friend and I call each other every morning while commuting to work. We check in. Sometimes when I’m in bed feeling all anxious and depressed, my friend calls me out on my laziness, and I find the strength to pull my corpse into the shower, or out for a run.

      Not only does it give persons with ADD someone that they are accountable to, but also, the sponsor system provides you with someone that you can count on when you need motivation (or just a friendly voice). It allows you to develop a relationship with someone that you can relate with, as well as someone that knows your foibles and BS excuses. One of the goals of this relationship should be to find the activities and professions that interest you, develop goals, and implement actions that will bring both person’s closer to their goals.

      I know it sounds silly, but this is something that you can do. This is something that can be accomplished. It provides you with a system for developing goals and desires, and pushing towards those goals and desires. Individuals with ADD are going to need this type of system as they get older, and can no longer rely on their parents, teachers, and friends for support.

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      Amber Pickler

      Your motivation is your health, mental too. If you need rest, there is nothing wrong with it. For a long time, I’ve been fought myself for the fact that I have days when I don’t want to do anything. As it turned out, it was in vain, because after such rest I worked harder. So you need to relax.

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