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      Hello! Our 9 yr old starts most mornings with doing something that gets a big negative attention reaction for dopamine. Big things that provoke a reaction from the rest of us right away- hitting, getting something he’s not allowed, etc. We try to stay calm, but the type of things that need an immediate response, and that response fulfils his Dopamine need.
      Ideas for how he can replace negative attention Dopamine? Something that he could do each morning as a habit, or a few choices that could get him the dopamine he needs before his Focalin kicks in. He would probably be adverse to exercise in the morning. Thank you!

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      Wendy Lichtig

      It’s a double-edged sword, but video games?

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      Penny Williams

      Exercise, jumping on trampoline, weighted blanket, watching or playing TV or tech, crunchy breakfast, being a helper, etc…

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