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      I’m looking for a resource that would help us be able to track changes in symptoms as we try different solutions. We often see articles like “can caffeine help with ADHD” or we might think it’s time to change the dose in the medication. I would like some kind of tool that we can actually detect smaller changes in focus, concentration, working memory, executive function, tics and other side effects. I don’t want to take my child to be formally retested every time we want to tweak something.

      Is there something a lay person can use to monitor changes in cognitive performance and behavior?

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      Penny Williams

      I always recommend for parents to keep a journal. Log sleep, what’s eaten and times, medication taken and times, any really positive occurrences with time and details of before, during and after, and the same for any challenging times. Then, you can go back and look for patterns.

      There’s an app teachers can use to log classroom behavior and such, but I can’t remember what’s it’s called.

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