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      I’m going to miss a deadline for a big project at work – actually, I’ve pretty much already missed it. It’s a huge project and one that I shouldn’t have agreed to take on. In fact, no one could have gotten it done, and my boss thinks we shouldn’t be doing it, anyway.

      I was diagnosed just a few weeks ago and started treatment. I’m unsure how to approach it with her. One problem is that I’m currently out of town in business at a conference, and another is that I have a big promotion that will begin next week. I’m afraid I’ll lose the promotion over this. I have a tendency to take on more than I can handle but I’m more productive than anyone else in the office (and have been applauded for it many times).

      I’ll be asking for a couple of reasonable accommodations as soon as I figure out what they could be.

      Any thoughts on how to talk to my boss about the current unfinished project?

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      Penny Williams

      If your boss ever mentioned that the timeline was tight be sure to mention that to him or her. Aside from that, be honest. “I am going to have to extend the deadline for this project. When I got into it, I realized that even someone as productive and efficient as I am couldn’t get this done in this short time frame. It will take XX more days to complete.”

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      If no one could have gotten it done then your boss really shouldn’t object to the accommodations you put forward. If they do remind them how big of a job it is and that you have been doing all you can on it.

      As for telling your boss about your ADHD, I struggled with this as well mainly because at the time I was diagnosed our boss left and I got a new boss. My old boss was family so she knew about my weekly doctor appointments. I did end up telling my boss only to show her that I wasn’t slacking off by going to regular appointments, but I understand if your afraid your boss might think your not up to the task. It really depends on the relationship you have.

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