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      I have not seen many examples of ADHD in pop culture. Sure I have heard many jokes and jabs. ‘that person has ADHD, why are you so distracted/hyper, it must be ADHD’. It’s mostly in good fun.
      People often ask what does ADHD look like and how do you know you have it. It’s hard to articulate in a way that seems valid. The symptoms of ADHD are vague and hard to quantify. But there is a perfect example of ADHD in pop culture that I can point people to so that they can understand the highs and lows of ADHD.

      The main character of the beloved TV show ‘The Office’ Micheal Scott is the perfect example of every aspect of ADHD. He is hyperactive, completely unaware of how he comes across, talkative, easily distracted, loud, obnoxious, he is terrible with money, he’s impulsive, he procrastinates, he’s needy, he gets bogged down by paper work, has difficulty with relationships in all aspects of life, and his emotions can change at the drop of a hat. But he also has a massive heart, he loves people deeply, he’s a great salesman, he is an optimist, he remembers the small details about people, he is a champion of the underdog, he is resilient, he is a great actor and public speaker, he is creative, and he lives life to the best of his ability.

      Micheal Scott is the best of ADHD and the worst. He is the struggles, the ups and the downs, the disappointment and the brilliance. He is everything that people with ADHD are ashamed of and everything we are proud of.

      People ask him during the show, ‘why are you the way you are’ and people ask me the same thing. It’s simply ADHD. Not that it’s an excuse but at least an explanation. So next time you’re having trouble explaining ADHD, just point to Micheal Scott as the textbook example.

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      THE office is my favorite show. My boyfriend and I joked , and I said bc I AM MICHAEL SCOTT! Everything from the sugar rush he gets after getting a pretzel with all the toppings on it bc he cant decide , to him wandering around getting lost on the town! Lol —I got lost in gatlinbutg trip bc I wandered off bahah !
      Also the lack of self awareess and humbling his words .

      I think , as someone with severe adhd, that Michael Scott is the most relatable character I’ve ever seen haha

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