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      Hi, I’m 33 and was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago. I’m struggling to find the right medication. For a period of time Adderall was working well for me but over the course of 6 months I became dependent and built a tolerance (it was no longer effective and I was at my worst both emotionally and cognitively when I was not on it). I have tried Vyvanse which gave me terrible headaches, and Concerta which made me overwhelmingly lethargic. I’m currently doing a trial on Strattera but I think I’m done; it helps me with emotional regulation but has done little for focus and makes me drowsy.

      Fortunately my doctor is giving me a lot of leeway in experimenting so he’ll likely go with whatever I ask for. At this point my options are Intuniv, Focalin, or (maybe) Wellbutrin. I’m wondering if anyone here has had both Focalin and methylphenidate (ie. Concerta or Ritalin)? I’m reluctant to try Focalin because of my bad experience with Concerta, but I’m willing to reconsider if people seem to experience them differently.

      Thank you!

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      Penny Williams

      Focalin is different than Concerta so it may be worth a try. It has dex added to the methylphenidate. Here’s more info and some user reviews:

      And here’s a primer on medication and finding the right med and dose:

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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      I have been using Focalin exclusively since 2014. I spend most of my time reading, researching, writing. Focalin was recommended to me as being more effective than Ritalin for writers and creative people. I have been very happy and stable with this medication. I take the 15mg XR in the mornings and add a 5mg tablet if I need it in the afternoons.

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      Same here, I actually agree with him.

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      I’ve failed to do my homework… I live in Canada and Focalin is not available here yet!

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