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      New mom to ADHD with a 6 y/o daughter. She has been on amphetamine xr for about 4 months and she has been doing really well then this week at school its like the crazy daughter is back. Same exact behavior as before taking her meds. Is this normal and should I be worried? Do I need to bring her back to the Dr. to alter her meds?


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      Hi! My personal experience w/ meds…myself & hs age daughter….if she’s been on same med & dose for 4 months & now it’s not as effective, deff schedule Dr appt for med adjustment. We both take an XR in the a.m. and for homework after school my daughter takes a short acting (4hr). But we both see the Dr every 3 months for scripts & med checks, and we’ve both had increases over the past 6-12 months. May just need a slight increase to next dose to see if it helps, if not, Dr may try diff med altogether, such as dexmethylphenidate (Focalin etc). Hope I’ve helped in someway 🙂 best wishes!

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      Penny Williams

      Yes, if it feels like the medication stopped working, you should talk with the prescribing doctor. They may increase the dose or change medication. Keep a daily journal to track what she eats and how much sleep she’s getting. There could be an explanation for the change and journaling consistently can hell you find it.

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      When my son was first diagnosed it took a bit of trial and error with meds. We always see the doctor every 3-4 months for a checkin. At age 12 we aged out of meds under the care of the behavioral pediatrician and now see a psychiatrist.

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      Please,please, please. Check the diagnosis first before increasing or changing meds. If you have the wrong diagnosis, meds work at first then they don’t. Most doctors just assume it’s the medication not an incorrect diagnosis. A mental health Professional should be making a DSM diagnosis. ADHD can also mirror depression and or anxiety. Just medication does not work alone. there is no magic pill. Consulting with a behavioral therapist is paramount to dealing with the issues. The end game is the child being able to make adjustments in behavior. New skills and coping strategies need to be taught, which begins with adults changing behavior and child responding to that change. Good Luck!

      Regards from a recent Retired Elementary School Counselor (after 38 years)

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      You get much less immuun for medication if you don’t take it everyday. And not in the same dosis and times.
      So if you take the meds every day, even weekends and hollidays, Always at the same time:
      the body gets used to it and anticipates on getting those chemicals
      So really the opposite of what some doctores tell you: unlike all othes meds for mental health, the adhd / add meds should not ‘build up a constant level in the blood. Because the body works with a feedback system: if enough substances in the blood is already there: the body stops making its own substances.

      I am 47 and I didnt use it while young so I dont know how it works with kids. ask your docter to be sure
      but I suffered from rebound etc and first tried methylfenidate: and it worked wonders…… for 2 weeks. And then it stopped working. And year later I started again, this time with dexamfetamine and now after 2 years it is still working for me. Even better then in the beginning sometimes.

      but I find that taking more does not make me more concentrated, but taking less does.
      so at first I took 2 x 10 mg . I was supposed to take 3 x 10 mg but then I could sleep.
      now I take 7,5 mg twice a day and I find that I am MORE concentrated on a lower dosage. You get less concentrated if you go over your ”optimum”.
      Optimum does not mean you are perfectly concentrated like other people the whole day. Optimum means that you are concentrated for as long as you can.

      So you can consider the possibility that even with pills your daughter is still adhd. She will not be totally 100% be like others. (fortunately because there are enough others,)

      I also feel that taking pills when I am upset about something is useless. So pills dont work (in my case at least) when some one just died, or I have a big fight with my best friend etc.

      So maybe your daugher has some emotional stuff to deal with for a while.
      You can take all the pills you want but a real adhd person is emotional and sensitive and this affects the concentration and behaviour.
      i guess especially when you are young sometimes it is more importaint to work your way through emotions and develop insight and copingstrategies and talk a lot about everything all day. And when she is exited or upset maybe needs to run a round a bit.
      That is emotional development and is more importaint than school work .

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