Meds and Afib? what will I take that will work?

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    Hi,new here, newly (officially) diagnosed 58 year old woman. Always assumed AD/HD, because my son has it bad-he’s grown-etc etc. Irony, I am a therapist and one of my jobs is testing adults for AD/HD with the TOVA. Anyway, in the spring I went to a diet doctor and got diet pills for a few months and boy was that an eye opener!!! mild stimulant, a whole different brain. so I got myself tested, and surprise, not, I have it in spades, toddled off to my doc and she prescribed Adderoll. In between going off the diet pill, and getting the Dx, I developed A-fib and had to have my heart shocked back into rhythm.

    A day after picking up the meds, my doc calls and says, “wait don’t take it!, we need to check with your cardiologist.” So of course I took it. and loved it. for two days. heaven. And they called me and said the cardiologist says I can’t have stimulants. 🙁 FFFFFFFFFF

    Now what? Does anything else actually work?

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    There are non-stimulant treatments that may help you.

    Straterra and Intuniv are the most common.

    Strattera: ADHD Medication FAQ

    Intuniv: Answers to Your ADHD Medication Questions

    Although Wellbutrin is also used quite often when a patient doesn’t do well with stimulants.

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    Yes, thank you for that I have read about alternatives. I’m hoping that someone has personal experience with doing well on stimulants and being taken off for heart health.

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