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    My daughter is 17 and has been on some sort of medication for about 2 1/2 years. She was diagnosed with bipolar 2, and then later, ADHD inattentive type mostly, but did not rule out a combination. The more I find out about ADHD, the more I think that is the most prevalent, not the bipolar.

    Her medicine has never been right since the start. She was put on Lamictal 100mg a day and that went on for over a year, along with Zoloft 50mg day. She was in a bad mood all the time- combative, argumentative, yelling, manic. I suggested lowering the dose -they put it to 50mg and that was great for 3 months – totally different child. But then it seemed like she got used to it, and again was argumentative, etc. Now it is to 25mg, and the same thing has happened. The Zoloft dosage was lowered as well. So she is currently taking 25 mg Lamictal a day, and 25mg Zoloft per day, but the minute she takes it, she is her grumpy self. When she is not on it, she is much better – nicer, more patient, etc. At one point, they had her Viibryd (bc I take it and it works) to try instead of Zoloft and she was just as bad.

    I don’t think she should be on the Lamictal, but she says she feels crazy without it. (She was off it for 5 days once and seemed to be fine, then all of sudden starting yelling that she needed to take her meds again…) She does not see how combative and moody she is being on it. I take Lamictal and it can me manic (grumpy), too, but an antidepressant helps me – it doesn’t seem to help her. Also, I have never had to go lower in dose over and over again. I went from 200mg to 100mg and never changed it again. (I am only diagnosed with Bipolar NOS, no ADHD – and I don’t think I have ADHD. My husband is the one with ADHD, but he takes no medicine and never has.)

    I think they are treating the bipolar more than the ADHD and I’m wondering if the bipolar should take a back seat (if it was even the correct diagnosis in the first place). We see her doctor in about a week. I’m usually good at figuring this out, but I’m out of ideas. Her psychiatrist doesn’t seem to have a clue how to treat it. (I would change, but there are not many in my area at all – I believe she is the only one at the moment on my health plan.) Any suggestions?

    I feel like I am losing my daughter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    Penny Williams

    From what I understand, it can be really tough to get treatment right for Bipolar, especially when there’s another diagnosis in the mix. Here’s a good article on coexisting ADHD and Bipolar:

    Solving the ADHD-Bipolar Puzzle

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