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      Long story short: I’m 59, suspected ADHD-inattentive a year ago, tried to find help, was laughed at by the psychiatric gate keeper, changed insurance, went back to my old doc, he gave me a 20 question survey, he said “yep, adhd is certainly possible and you’re probably not hyperactive,” and suggested I try Strattera.

      So I went from literally being laughed at to feeling like just maybe I need a doctor that has more experience with these drugs. Current idea is try the Strattera and if by chance it works, great! but if not then ask for a recommendation?

      Thank you for your thoughts.

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      My psychiatrist took me through a veritable adventure of drugs; strattera, welbutrin, etc.
      He said he wasn’t sure of my ADD and had not heard of Inattentive ADD, I mentioned reviewing the literature on Inattentive ADD.
      I had mentioned to him that the strattera had eliminated a food anxiety that I was unaware of until it was gone. He nearly had a stroke, “Anxiety!? Your scores don’t indicate anxiety!” shaking my chart in the air between us. Holding my finger tips about four feet apart I said, “You are talking of ANXIETY.”
      Moving my hands closer together and holding my fingers about two inches apart, “I’m talking about a sub-clinical level of anxiety.”
      With him it was all or nothing, I guess.
      We ended up on adderal and it worked well by stimulating the under active sections of my brain.
      Everything was awesome!
      Until it wasn’t, other parts of the brain got stimulated as well. Parts that made me less patient, more verbal (in a negative way).
      The doctor rescinded my prescription and I was left with nothing.
      If I had it to do over again, I would work on my patience and negative verbal-ness before mentioning the negative aspects. If I were unable to get things under control in three to six months then I’d mention it.
      Keep working on getting help and/or meds.
      My preference would have been to find a strategy of exercise/diet/behavior therapy to get it under control.
      Unfortunately, none of those singly or in concert helped me, although exercise worked for a short time. But the exercise, have good cognition for a while, exercise and repeat was more than I could keep up…

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