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      Hi all – would love an expert opinion on this as well.

      Why would a small addition of Clonazepam (1/2 of a .5, or 1- .5) to immediate release Adderall work so well.

      Adderall is providing the light, clarity and motivation, but its all still “too” scattered and overwhelming without that tiny dose of Clonazepam.

      In my experience an alcoholic beverage – while 100% understanding is not suggested – does the same trick.

      Is there something biological to that combo of immediate stimulant (in this case XR’s and ER’s only work for 4 hours too – so I am sure that much is biological) with the tiny bit of the depressant?

      No need to suggest non-stimulants, or other pharma options – tried and tested it all in my 47 years- with only 37 – 41 being dedicated properly diagnosed and treated.

      Asking for my son, who I see experiencing it too – but he is only 21 – I don’t want to see him or my younger son go through what I have my entire life.

      Thanks !

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      I don’t know the biological reason. Some people are sensitive to stimulants. I know I am.

      You mentioned you’ve tried everything. I have too but drugs differ when they are combined. I’ve recently discovered propranolol and take it with Adderall and/or other stimulants. It took me a long time to try the combo because I’m somewhat healthy and have great blood pressure. When I did try it, I was amazed at how much it helped me calm my body so my mind can think clearly. I think clonazipam does the same thing to my body but with the risk of tolerance and addiction and a crappy withdrawl. I feel like the propranolol was the missing ingredient with 15 years of failing every ADHD drugs and more. It’s not a benzo but it relaxes my mind and body so I can think clearly on adderall without the peripheral side effects that I can’t tolerate. I psychologically feel better taking propranolol then a benzo too. It’s just a blood pressure pill but it works wonders taking away the anxiety. No side effects either.

      It’s worth a shot. Coming from someone who has been on and off meds since preteens years… hope this information helps.

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      What can help!
      Adderall helps with focus but removes emotion or connection. Anything that can help

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      Kel Bell

      I’m concerned. I’m 53 y.o. w female. I’ve been on generic Ritalin- methylphenidate 20mg 1 and 1/2 tabs 4x q day. It works well for me. Today my refill has been switched from Corapharma to KVK-TECH. I’m experiencing strong headaches. Never had this before. I need never heard of KVK-TECH??? Anyone else?

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