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      Heavenly Hal

      Greetings all, first time poster and newly diagnosed member of the ADD club.

      I’m in the midst of my second month on knock off Concerta, up to 54mg and am noticing some results. Many great resources on the internet, whether it be sites like this, youtube, or general google search results. My understanding, through personal research, is that Concerta should have an immediate result. If not, you up the dosage until you notice a change. Also, if Concerta doesn’t do the trick the amphetamine type of stimulant, adderal, should be tried next. My psychiatrist is telling me not to look at internet sources because they cannot be trusted. Told me that Concerta can take up to 8 weeks to take full effect and that all the drugs work the same, so there is no need to switch to another medication.

      What say you my medicated ADHDers. I was under the impression Strattera, the non stimulant medication, takes 8 weeks for full effect and that stimulant results were immediate. Also, seems to be plenty of evidence that if one medicine doesn’t work well, you try another? I’d love to hear about your experiences with finding the right medicine and weather my pill pusher is full of shit or right on target.

      Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

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      So I was on focslin XR , but did not last near long enough. Tried concerta after s minth without meds while waiting to switch to a specislisf . So all focalin out of system . The concerta was awful, didn’t show any benefit and only side effects. Vyvanse was same way when I tried years ago. Vyvanse lasted 2 hours (bc of the way its absorbed it lasts very long for most , nothing for me).

      The new doc decided adderral was best fit, and she was right! First time in my life I had no side effects!! Not even the “good side
      effects” like wakefulness and euphoria, which is good bc less addictive potential emotionally!! For me at least…note that I consider anything (good or bad) other than the therapeutic effects to be a side effect. It was the first in my life I wasn’t constantly reminded I was “mentally impaired”. I take it (I take the XR twice a day, bc evening doses actually help sleep bc slows my hyperactivity), then I just go about my day. Freeing. I use tons of cooing, avid long distance runner and doing my tempo runs of 5-6 miles at 6. Min/mile are like the medication just don’t last as long!! Turns out those types of runs (intense and long-ish) mimic the adderral almost.

      Point is, your correct. If one doesn’t work, yet another!! There is a reason they have so many chemical structures AND absorption types!! Some people don’t absorb certain release-types!!

      I’ll say a prayer for ya !

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      Heavenly Hal

      I appreciate the response and am glad to hear you found the right meds. I’m digging around for another psychiatrist, seeking better guidance on all this titration business.

      Also, you are not mentally disabled. You are a HUNTER!

      Hartmann notes that most or all humans were nomadic hunter-gatherers for hundreds of thousands of years, but that this standard gradually changed as agriculture developed in most societies, and more people worldwide became farmers. Over many years, most humans adapted to farming cultures, but Hartmann speculates that people with ADHD retained some of the older hunter characteristics.

      A key component of the hypothesis is that the proposed “hyperfocus” aspect of ADHD is a gift or benefit under appropriate circumstances. The hypothesis also explains the distractibility factor in ADHD individuals and their short attention span for subject matter that does not interest the individual (which may or may not trigger hyperfocus), along with various other characteristics such as apathy towards social norms, poor planning and organizing ability, distorted sense of time, impatience, attraction to variety or novelty or excitement, and impulsiveness. It is argued that in the hunter-gatherer cultures that preceded farming societies, hunters needed hyperfocus more than gatherers.

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      Penny Williams

      Sounds like you need a new doctor. All stimulant medications (including Concerta) work when they’re in your system and not when they’re not. Medications like Straterra and anti-depressants can take up to 2 months to see full effects. I would be afraid to have a doctor prescribing medications to me that doesn’t even understand the basics of them.

      Stimulants vs. Nonstimulants: Understanding ADHD Medications

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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