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      I’m a 54 year old male who had dealt with this horrible thing as long as I can remember. Of
      course, back when I was a kid, we were referred to as “an overly active child” by our teachers and usually spent the better part of the school year out in the hallway or in time-out.
      Anyways, I was wondering if anybody has experienced what I have lately and what you did to change it.
      I have been taking a rather large dose of Adderall for the past 27 years. I had heard of these medications that treat ADHD and by this time in life I had become so desperate to do anything I could to change myself or get rid of this horrible thing.
      I flew to five different cities in five different states to see five different specialist within a four month period. Each and every appointment turn out to be a horrifying experience.
      Apparently my case is so severe that these doctors that I saw could or were able to deal with it. I finally found a doctor in Seattle they a friend raved about. The first appointment with him he had me speak of myself which I did for about 40 minutes. When I finished he looked up, shook his head back-and-forth with a big sign said you are the worst case I’ve ever seen. I started to get tears in my eyes. He followed his statement up with he would be willing to work with me if I was willing to work with him to which I happily agreed.
      He was able to help me find a doctor back home in California that would treat me and supply my medication. I’ve seen this doctor for the past several years and unfortunately I recently moved and he recently retired. For the past several years I have been getting my prescriptions from either my psychiatrist or my family doctor both of which have retired. Since moving to my new home I have seen five different doctors all of which turn their heads to me and told me I was either drug attic or is it the new FDA regulations would not allow them to write Such a large amount. As I’ve said I’ve been taking the same dosage for many many years now. I’ve gone through several double blind placebo test with many different medications and really don’t want to go through the gauntlet again at my age. My doctors have arrived at this dosage and it is what works for me. Anything less frustrates me puts me on the fence s and makes me teeter-tatter all day long. It’s not like I didn’t have medical records or anything and I have several years worth of them. Never have I had a problem with this medication never have I abuse it. I have had a dosages higher than this which made me very frustrated and itchy and crabby. I discovered a few years ago that it also keeps my blood pressure down and when I’m not taking it my blood pressure goes up.
      I’m going on three months now without my medication and I’m about ready to lose it mentally. I literally find myself doing the things that I used to do when I was younger that got me into trouble prior to discovering medications. Im becoming lippy and mouthy and confrontational and I’m starting to scare myself as well as my wife. I don’t know what to do with this point and I feel I’m headed for a crash into a wall.
      Has anybody else experienced such a situation to where they were cut off from the medication after many years? Did they see themselves reverting back to a different time before they had this crap under control somewhat? I understand the drugs are addictive and addictions can happen. In my case this is not true. I have become reliant on this to function somewhat normal. Where does one turn? Where does one go? Is there an organization or some kind of group that can direct me to a specialist in my area or elsewhere that could help me? Anything that anyone could throw at me I would surely appreciate.
      Thank you.
      Lost in limbo

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      Penny Williams

      You are not alone. This has happened to many others. My first thought is would your last doc write a letter for you explaining the larger dose and why he/she prescribed it all that time? Absent that, get your medical records from your last doc and share them with your new doctor. There should be adequate notes and prescription history there.

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