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      Note: English is not my first language so I wasn’t sure what generic brand means, turns out its not exactly the same as what I’m talking about. When I mention “generic” I mean made by the pharmacist.

      So I went to pick up my meds, dextroametamine generic brand. The feeling of getting a bag of little jars makes me feel so reassured.
      I was diagnosed a year ago at 21, after I had left such a trail of wreckage in my studies at uni that I still have not caught up. But the dexamfetamine worked so well I was hopeful, I felt good, energetic, motivated, not tired all the time.
      So when I went to pick up my meds and I was given a plastic bag full of hideous boxes, I was so confused I can’t remember the pharmacists explanation for the change, but I’m pretty sure my old meds are discontinued, but in my country, a generic medication may be prescribed as long as there isn’t a registered branded substitute. But now these awful boxes exist. I asked three times whether it was the exact same thing and she said yes. Well, that was a lie.
      Even though it has dextro-amfetamine sulfate as the main ingredient, the other ingredients are different. And it’s terrible. It does not work AT ALL. Is this just because I’m transitioning to this new stuff or does that just mean it doesn’t work? Will it start working eventually? Also, it says in the information it is for children, but considering it is the only brand out there adults get it too. (So according to a brand that makes medication for ADHD adults can’t have it!?) Could it just be made for children and not be effective for adults? Or is that not possible if the effective ingredient is the same? If it wasn’t for the insane insomnia I would think this was an experiment by people who don’t “believe” in ADHD and it is just a placebo to prove it’s all in our heads (it’s obviously real, don’t get me wrong).
      I have been crying for three days (yes, it also makes me an emotional wreck). I was finally picking up the pieces of my out of control life without diagnosis, I was doing better than ever, I was happy. Now I have to take this garbage and I feel depressed, my insomnia is back, I have no concentration, I can’t stop moving (fidgeting until my hands hurt and standing up from even a movie every five minutes). Instead of the mental clarity the generic gave me I now feel like I’m in a cloud and nothing is real. I’m paranoid in public. I’m so tired. I just want my old medication back. I want my life back.
      I just needed to get this off my chest. I guess my question is: have any of you experienced this much difference between two versions of the “same” effective ingredient? Does it get better?

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      Who manufacturers your generic dextro?? The pharmacist? Is this a compounding pharmacy?

      I take generic dextro by Teva & I don’t experience any problems. Although, a while ago I took generic ir adderall that was just GARBAGE. I currently am getting on Zenzedi (name brand dexedrine) which I had to talk to the pharmacist & ask that they order it.

      Look to see if your ins covers brand name. Our drs. in the US, have to write “Brand name medically necessary” in order for the pharmacist to fill the brand name. BUT, I’m lucky, this med (after checking my formulary) is covered by ins for $10.

      Look at your insurance formulary & if not, getting insurance may be the best bet.

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      Generics here in the US are only allowed up to 20% variation in the active ingredient & the inactive ingredients can cause people problems. My experience, some generics are ok and some are CLEARLY not the same.

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