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      I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in the third grade and have been proscribed medication ever since. I always hated taking the medication and rarely ever did, until my second year in college. Even then, I still hated taking it because of how it made me feel, but I realized how much it helped me get my school work done.

      I am now in my fifth year of college and up until about a year ago (fourth year, spring semester) I was taking ONE 30mg adderall once or twice a week and was able to get everything done. I was able to finish that spring semester with a 3.0 and over the summer only took the medication a hand full of times over. I have always worked best at night time but now not only am I taking TWO 30mg of adderall, one at about 9pm and another at 3am (because I have failed to accomplish anything), but I am getting no homework done and pulling dozens of all nighters. In a given night where I take my medication around 9 or 10, it is not until nearly 6am when I finally try and buckle down to finish an easy assignment that is due in the next few hours.

      I have tried Ritalin 20mg and did not like how it made me feel at all (anger) while also trying evekeo 10mg and Vyvance 70mg. All have failed although I do get some slight boost of that old ‘in the zone’ feeling that these medications use to give me.. but it is still vague and I catch myself still laying in bed finishing that last show on netfix (which turns into 5). I use to religiously clean up my room/house without fail after taking the adderall and then would begin my studies, this was the routine I had because of the medicine; now, my place doesn’t get cleaned up, and homework gets rushed through because of the procrastination.

      Bottom line is that I am currently stuck between the adderall 30mg that still gives me some slight boost and the 70mg vyvance which does the same.
      Baffled that the feelings these medications use to give me has completely disappeared and I desperately need that help I use to get so I can pursue and complete my college career successfully. I don’t know what to try or what to do to get those bursts of energy and that ‘in the zone’ mentality again. HELP.

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      Penny Williams

      Some people find that alternating between medications periodically will help from getting to where you feel like you’ve sort of built a tolerance to it and it’s not working well. If you know Adderall and Vyvanse work well for you, maybe your doctor would allow you to change every few months.

      Ultimately, what to do next with your treatment plan is up to your doctor’s guidance, in consultation with you. Here are some expert tips on finding the right medication and dosage:

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      I can completely relate….I spend all day getting nothing done bouncing from one thing to another, feeling tired and unengaged in EVERYTHING.
      Yet it’s funny how when night rolls around I feel like a COMPLETELY new, awake, pure-energy feeling person. I could conquer the world at night
      if I wanted too. Yet during the day, I am a zombie and every single thing I do is a problem. Explaining this to an “average person” is a nightmare.
      They feel good all day while we feel like crap and get nothing done. When it’s nighttime everyone’s ready for bed while we are ready to go!!!

      I found out that most of us with ADHD have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. Our internal clock is off and our bodies want to be awake from 9 at night
      too 1 in the afternoon the next day. Rather then the norm (awake in the morning and sleep at night). Its opposite for us which makes it impossible to
      function during the day because our bodies want to really be “sleeping”. This might explain a lot of what your feeling.

      I wish I had an idea of what meds to take as I am struggling with the whole situation myself.

      I think a better, deeper, sleep for us would help a lot just not sure how to do that. I’ve heard of light therapy for switching the internal clock back so we can function during the day. DSPD is not very researched. DSPD is REAL !!! WE NEED HELP & TREATMENT ASAP.


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