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      Hey fellow Add-ers,

      Newbie here, and I could really use some advice and/or reassurance. I have had Anxiety disorder all my life, and it centers around health- mostly heart related. I am the poster child for hypochondria. I also have always had a deep fear or having a heart attack/dying.

      Ten years ago after being treated for anxiety only for 10+ years, my pdoc suggested I had adhd and that was actually causing the anxiety. We tried Adderall XR to test this theory, and it was a miracle. For the first time in my life things got tremendously better, I was able to “adult” finally and on top of that my anxiety virtually disappeared. I’m not saying I didn’t have bad days here and there, but the reduction in anxiety was massive and the benefits in my life as well. We didn’t even need a benzo for the first time in years.

      But then I googled. I’ve been told not to do this due to the health anxiety. But, I did it anyway. I read so many scary articles. Adults dropping dead, heart attacks (my biggest fear), and all the other hoopla they post online about the horrors of stims. I was ok at first but then I started becoming terrified to take the medication even though I have zero heart defects (I have literally gone through extensive testing at a cardiologists), and my blood pressure is great at an average of 115/70. I have had numerous physicians, psychiatrists and other healthcare providers tell me I am a-ok to take this medication.

      I quit taking it and life went back to chaos. I haven’t taken it in probably 5 years now bc every time I tried it resulted in panic attacks and hours of anxiety, even after it wore off.

      I recently started a new job and it is mentally taxing. After 3 months it proved impossible for me to do anything else besides the job or my work suffered. I went back to my pdoc and said I needed to at least try to take something again so I can do this job and still keep up with my life outside of work. So I am currently on Adzenys XR 6.3 mg (equivalent to a 10mg Adderall XR) so not a high dose. This is day 3 and even though my anxiety isn’t unmanageable I can’t stop thinking the anxious thoughts of “what if…” and it’s causing me to not be able to relax and let the medication do it’s job.

      So I’m just asking for anyone who suffers the same, or even just has some reassuring words or advice to respond. I know that obviously if I can’t get past this I will have to seek other treatment, or deal with the anxiety before I try to take the stims. But I’m hoping to be able to have some positive thoughts that this medication is not necessarily going to kill me since the benefits I get from it are so great.

      Thank you!

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      Deb from Philly

      Don’t have much time…but your psychiatrist should be willing to medically treat you for anxiety and ADHD….BUT you might not wanna go reading up on those meds too (or anything else regarding your health if that’s your trigger)! …cause you may never stop your problem if you do IMO (And I’m no professional of any sort. I’m just a fellow anxiety person who’s been through lots of therapy). I’ve been treated for many years for panic disorder & just now got diagnosed with ADHD. Better late than never, I guess (age 46). Just started a stimulant 2 weeks ago but my doc still has me on all my anxiety meds. Seems to be working really well so far, as he has me titrating up my own dose until my 1 month check-up. Best of luck in your search for the best answer for you! Only you know what is best for you.

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