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      i am 23 years old and have been on concerta since the age of 12 when i was first diagnosed with ADHD, 5 years ago i was also put on vyvanse and have been taking the 2 meds ever since. My husband and I are wanting to start trying to get pregnant so i decided to try and lower my medication and hopefully come off of them completely as i do not want to harm the baby. I have gotten down to the lowest dose of concerta (18mg) but i am still on 60 mg of vyvanse and i am suppose to start tapering my vyvanse down this week however, I am noticing a major decline in my concentration and memory especially at work, I am a nurse and it is getting to the point where i am almost scared to go to work because i do not want to harm someone. My doctor has told me that she does not know much on ADHD and ADHD medication with pregnancy so i am wondering if there is any natural supplements or alternatives that could replace the vyvanse and concerta that are safe during pregnancy? or if anyone has experience with pregnancy and ADHD and willing to offer any advice?

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      Hi – I’m not a mum or a medical professional, but do relate to your doctor not knowing much about adhd. I did some reading for my pregnant sister a while ago, and the general conclusion was that coming off of the drugs gps prescribe and not substituting was equally harmful ; lisdex isn’t great for a fetus, but neither is the anxiety and overstimulation that results in not taking it. Can you ask to be referred to a consultant psychiatrist? That’s what my sister did eventually x

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      There are very few supplements especially for ADHD that are helpful. It’s hard to make up for the dopamine and GABA deficiencies and some would also argue norepinephrine. I’m on Dex 10-40 daily tabs but there is literally a ton of risk with amphetamines and pregnancy with the heart and elevated arousal of the nervous system. Withdrawal is inevitable and even with tapers on ADHD meds I withdrawal like hell, so just be prepared that even with the best of tapers on stimulants they are HARSH with withdrawal as I know from many drug holidays of torturous mood swings and short-term memory issues, etc.

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      Penny Williams

      Your doctor may feel it’s safe to try an omega supplement specially formulated for ADHD, like Vayarin or Equazen Pro. There are a few other supplements that some with ADHD find effective (still need to check with your doc to see if they’re ok with pregnancy):

      10 Foods (and Supplements and Vitamins!) to Boost Your ADHD Brain

      Also, many find exercise helpful:

      Exercise and the ADHD Brain: The Neuroscience of Movement

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