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      Hi everyone!!

      I wanted to hear about your experience on a certain med issue I’m having (and have had for awhile). Too start off, I’m a 26 year d female with ADHD! I know they say women and even most adults usually have more of the attention struggles, which I definitely do as well. My biggest issue, though, is the hyperactivity and impulsiveness. I literally feel pain in my legs when I sit still, so restless I can’t focus. I’m not anxious at all, I’m relatively a happy person. I can also be “boisterous” unintentionally. When unmedicated (I’ve found focalin has worked the best, but more on that later) I cross the “line” on how goofy, and hyper I am. I don’t realize I’ve crossed it until I’ve gone too far. When I do recognize it, I almost immediately become very embarrassed and I shut down. The meds don’t take away that quality fully, nor would I want them too. They just help me not go too far, so I’m comfusodwred “fun” vs “crazy and loud” haha. Same with hyperness. I can sit still longer, actually able to grab my thoughts and apply them, and no pain in legs. This is very important for my work as a computer programmer (I tend to hyperfocus on that).

      My main issue: the focalin XR lasts about 4-5 hours tops. Others notice this before I do. Do I have a crash? No I don’t. I just get very hyper again. I just had a baby girl, and with maternity leave it isn’t too much of an issue if I plan my day to do focus-tasks when meds work and then do my running/yoga and anything I need to do on my feet once it’s worn off. I do Wooten long hours, and may need to take online courses too for a new software job I’ll be starting at a Fortune 500 company (I used to think I was dumb, until I reliEd it smart, I just think differently than most).

      I went off meds during pregnancy to be safe, which looking back was the wrong choic. Benefits would definitely outweigh risks: I lost my job which made me depressed, and had horrible relationship issues. Anyhow. When I had this issue before, I switched to vyvanse and went up to 70 mg. Lasted a bit longer, but eventually did 50 mg am and another 50 around 2 pm. This never affected my sleep, may have even helped Bc no racing brain. I had to switch docs do to a move and insurance. Sh agreed after baby getting back on focalin was best. Vyvams caused almost a physical dependency, I wasn’t able to function w/o it, where I can go a week w/o focalin and not be in any “withdrawal”. Only on 20 XR to start, I used to be on 40 plus 10 iR. The strength may need to go up a bit, but longevity is vital. Some docs are ok with going over “max” dose if multiple doses stretched out, but some are scared too. I see my doc tomorrow so I’ll see what she thinks too. I was thinking my optimal would maybe be 30 and then another 30 5-6 hours after. And yes, I am an avid runner, that’s my medicine. It does help, for about an hour after–but I won’t be able run in the middle of my shift lol. I also getting back to meditation and take high-potency fish oil and prenatal. Those aren’t quite as affective, but I have nothing to lose by doing them. Yes, I do need to prob work on diet. I do well with lower carb high fat/protein.

      I did see in a medical journal there is some enzyme that metabolized dopamine, and some people are “ultrametabolizers”–I thought hey, that could be it, and I was shocked when I read the symptoms: strong history of bulimia (was bulimic from ages 9-22, all good now tho); heavy smoking (ashamed, but I have a tendency to chain smoke), sharp dips in mood, and the freakiest was intolerance to tramadol–which I lost as an allergy (had 7 surgeries last year and found this out the hard way). Woah!!

      So yeah, any tips to bring up to doc tomorrow? I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I doubt she would take it that way. She likes that I’m active in my treatment and honest.

      I feel like I’m missing something, but I’ve said enough

      Rebecca Bell

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      I’m also a 26 year old woman, but mainly the inattentive/anxious type adhd…until night time, then I can’t switch off and literally have to walk around or my legs go mental!

      I know it’s different, but I wondered if you had talked about phenergen (an antihistamine) I was a prescribed to help with rebounding like a mmaniac at night time…and also mood sstabilisers? They’ve helped me a lot. I’m not a psychiatrist so wouldn’t reccommend aanything,of course,just wondered if youd had these conversations with your doctor….

      On the non medicated side, I have found valerian very helpful just to calm me down a bit (it’s a herb – you can get it in tablet, liquid extract or even tea bag form)… Regular runs to get the impulsive adrenaline out…and also mindfulness, just for a few minutes every now and then. I’ve also been reading about magnesium supplements, which I think might be helpful, but haven’t tried yet.

      Lots of luck to you 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      This is an awesome guide for determining the right medication and dose (is great for the physician too, especially if you’re seeing a GP for psych meds):

      Share This With Your Physician! 11 Steps to Prescribing and Using ADHD Medication Effectively

      Women’s hormones really mess with ADHD symptoms and medication efficacy.

      Women, Hormones, and ADHD

      Your hormones are likely out of whack after having a baby, so starting at the lowest dose and titrating up again is probably a good idea.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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