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      Hello, I am 15 and I have a problem
      I am absolutely terrible at math, and often i find myself almost sobbing in class
      Not only would that be emberassing, but I also just want to stop feeling so bad
      I am Dutch and do HAVO(3) for anyone whos interested, and am generally pretty okay at other subjects, but I don`t even have the time tables memorized
      I hate feeling like a failure, but when I look at my book all I see is numbers and letters but i can`t make anything out of it
      Because of this, I feel even less motivated to do any Maths, which is even worse for my skills.
      I don`t really know what to do, can anyone help?


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      Hi, I struggle with math, too. I am interested in the work of Barbara Oakley, an engineer who specializes in helping people learn, especially maths–Check out an exerpt of her book and see if it looks good to you:
      She also has some free courses on Coursera on learning to learn–I forgot that I signed up until I saw your post, so thanks.

      Do you have access to a counselor of any sort? You need someone who can really listen to your pain, and not just judge you and tell you to work harder. Even a sympathetic friend or relative can help.

      Finally, what are you good at? What comes easily to you? Focus on subjects you are naturally good at. It is easy to concentrate so much on trying to improve in your weak areas, that you neglect your real strengths. Make sure you cultivate the things you are good at, and push them as far as you can.

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        first of all, no problem lol!
        second of all, all my friends think im a bit negative so i try not to be so negative to my friends, and my parents and i dont have an amazing relationship atm, but ill look for someone to talk to!

        thank you for your reply!!

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      If I see two numbers next to each other, I run away, just in case it might be math! 😉 You’re not alone in this! I’ve been helped a little by some of the books written by the “human calculators.” There are a number of people who teach those skills. I’m too scatterbrained to use all of the techniques, but I’ve learned to employ some of them to simplify the process.

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like a learning disability specific to math, called Dyscalculia:

      What Does Dyscalculia Look Like in Adults?

      When Math Just Doesn’t Add Up: Understanding Dyscalculia

      Talk with your school guidance counselor about what you’re experiencing and that you think you might have a learning disability. That person should be able to connect you with some help.

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