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      My soon to be 7 year old is on Vyvanse and has a low appitite and is very skinny. His mom also has ADD and loves carbohydrate rich snacks like chips. I know that ADD kiddos crave carbs, but my contention is 2 fold. One, these carby snacks aren’t healthy and make ADD worse. Two, he eats such a small amount that every calorie should count and be something healthier. What do you think? Thanks for the inut.

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      Penny Williams

      Yes, ideally kids eat nutritionally. BUT, sometimes getting them to eat at all is most important, like when ADHD medication is wrecking their appetite.

      To satisfy the carb cravings, try swapping them for crunchy, healthy snacks. Sometimes it’s the crunch they crave more than the carbs.

      Here are more tips for when stimulants rob kids of their appetite:

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      I am a 17 year old teen with ADD, I have the apatite issue myself as well as a blood sugar issue( hypoglycemia aka low blood sugar) I find swapping to crunchy veggies or things heavier in fat and protein can help, but still result in not eating often. Ideally try to get more interesting tasting snacks and make a game of eating them. Anything new could work, but if they have liked similar things it can be better. I personally like spicy foods so I would always have something hot and new. Too much of one taste can make them feel nauseated if you try to force too much at once.

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