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      I don’t know what to do about my child. He was diagnosed with learning issues and is in first grade. He has an iep. He is having a really hard time with academics and focus. The teacher has emailed that he disrupts the class with his talking. We are meeting next week. He has not been formally diagnosed with adhd and my spouse does not want him on medication. I feel like a failure.

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      Been there…. my son is in 3rd grade now. focus is the hugest issue. you may have to have a serious talk with your pediatrician on medication… but if not, I’ve had great luck with essential oils, specifically doterra, intune and thinker. look them up. Also he is taking fish oil and I try to limit the sugar as much as I can and stick to wheat bread. sounds funny but the less processed food the better he does. My son was on methylphenidate but we are going to try the school year without it and see what happens because his appetite was affected so much. He is on a med called intuniv. good luck!!!! also remember he is young, my son actually has improved greatly the older he got with his adhd symptoms. so hang in there. my son also struggles with reading and writing, and we have hired a tutor a couple days a week this year to help with that.

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      Penny Williams

      ADHD is a physiological difference in the brain. Your son’s struggles in school are not his fault and not yours either.

      You can use this online self-test to see if ADHD is possible/probable and take this information and results to your child’s doctor:

      [Self-Test] Could My Child Have ADHD?

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