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      Hi all. I have a unique situation and would love some insight. I have ADHD combined presentation, along with a pile of other complicating medical conditions. I have been off work for 3 years due to an accident and I’m trying to find unique rewards I can use, seeing we are a creative bunch I thought I’d look here. Note I hope the following doesn’t seem to argumentative as I’ve tried things for a while.

      About me. I was in a motorcycle accident 3 years ago and still suffer from post concussion syndrome, chronic migraine, anxiety and depression and of course ADHD. I haven’t been able to work since

      I am trying to work harden and set goals but I’m constantly struggling because I can’t use my old rewards I used for my ADHD pre accident.

      I’m highly motivated by money but my case hasn’t settled and I’m netting a deficit every month. So my budget has no discretionary spending. My meds, exercise classes, treatment are priority so there is no way to use money.

      I have been working hard to completely eliminate processed sugar because it directly worsens my pain. So I cannot use even the tiniest treat, plus my healthy Greek yogurt “ice cream bars” are already my daily treat to eliminate sugar and crap from my diet.

      Someone suggested using tv as a reward but some days I feel so sick that all I can do is listen to the tv and even lifting my head to fold laundry while watching is impossible. I also am often extremely bored because I cannot read more than an hour a day so non tv entertainment has also been limited.

      I can’t afford or feel good enough for movies, I have to exercise daily so that’s a chore not a reward to attend classes

      Because of my pain and fatigue I withdraw a lot so I cannot use threat of not doing social things as a punishment. Honestly when I am asked to go for lunch id rather say no but go out so I have human contact.

      So I’d love some unique ideas. My therapist has asked me to brainstorm this week because seeing I’m not stable yet there are a lot of times my goals fall apart. The first step is finding a strong motivation that makes me want to at least do the basics every day regardless of symptoms. I’ve noticed recently I’m noticing a difference between I’m distracted an unable to focus because reading or moving hurts vs productivity issues from ADHD. While it’s welcome to feel some of my old self come back I also am faced with the complications of ADHD motivation.

      Looking forward to your ideas. I’m considering asking my common law partner if he’d provide a financial reward but seeing he helps support me a lot I would like to see if I can find a better reward first.

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      As I was reading your post the one thing that has come to mind are jigsaw puzzles. Get them at various sizes with pictures you like or places you may want to go at some point when you get bette. Start off small and build up. You don’t have to sit down for to long to do them and can come as go as you please. But the picture also acts as a motivator to get you thinking of what is needed to get to where you want to be. I also like writing lists and checking them off. I must admit I make small dumb lists like morning check list and make them very detailed. The only other things I can think to suggest would be Journaling, meditation, yoga and or swimming. I know they don’t seem like rewards but if you think of it as a time to unload your burdens it can be a reward. Just need to shift perspective a bit. Hope this helps. If not I wish you the best on your journey.

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      Thanks for the response. I had a chuckle while reading as I have found modified chair yoga, water exercise, Pilates, and mindfulness extremely helpful. It’s actually all of that which I need to be rewarded for so that when things go wrong I don’t lose the basics which allow me to function.

      Hoping to find some reward if I do attend these things each day especially if I need to do meditation when my case stresses me out. I’m very much a list maker as well. I considered making a punishment that I’m not allowed to make new lists or charts if I don’t do my homework lol.

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