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      Hello, I’m Ingrid and I’m currently doing a research project for school.

      I’m planning to develop a math app for kids that can help them in this subject, so I’m currently looking for people with a formal diagnosis or not, who want to share the techniques and resources that worked the best for you while you where on elementary school.

      It would be very helpful if you can help me fill out this survey, I’ll leave the link below.


      No personal information is needed, so don’t worry about that, but if you feel more comfortable to answer here, the questions are below:
      1. Do you have a formal ADHD diagnosis?
      A. Yes
      B. No
      2. What strategies or resources have helped you the most with your performance at school? Example: Videos, puzzles, voice tone moderation, etc.
      3. Which of these strategies and resources have helped you the most at learning Math?
      4. What were the main distractors you encountered in class that affected your performance at school? Example: Room too decorated, classes with too many kids, etc.
      5. On which Math topics did you displayed more complications while learning them?
      A. Numerical secuences
      B. Addition and subtraction
      C. Multiplication and division
      6. Throughout your time in elementary school, have teachers ever used an app that helped with your performance in class?
      A. Yes
      B. No
      7. If you replied ‘YES’ on the previous question, on which ways did it helped with your performance?
      8. If there was an app that helped the kids diagnosed or with symptoms of ADHD with the learning of Math, what elements would you like it to have?

      Thanks in advance! 🙂

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