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      Hi, long time reader, first time poster…

      Firstly, my 7year old boy doesn’t have ADHD anywhere near the levels some of you guys are experiencing, so I feel a bit of an impostor for even raising this. He doesn’t even have ADHD (he has the HD bit but can concentrate when he’s interested in something) so I’m not even sure I’m in the right place…

      However, he goes: our 7 year olds behaviour is getting worse week on week. He demonstrates with real emotional regulation issues and really does get hyperactive as a direct consequence to the point of being dangerous. As an example, just yesterday his grandma came to stay and within 5 minutes he’d ridden his bike flat out into the garden wall and given himself two black eyes… In new situations he can’t control himself and ends up either doing something stupid or saying something inappropriate. His listening is awful and no matter what we tell him, it just doesn’t sink in. I know that’s common with most 7 year olds, but this is on a different level.

      Me and mum are fed up of being fed up with him, and our constant nagging is draining for all of us. Other parents have started reacting differently too. He used to be called the ‘Duracell Bunny’ because of his energy but now the play dates have dried up and others are reluctant to invite him to parties etc because they know he’ll react ‘energetically’ when there.

      I’m not sure what I’m looking for – maybe some advice, a point in the direction of some literature that may help??? Either way, just writing this has been cathartic so if nothing else my angst has been externalised for 10 minutes!!

      Thanks guys.

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      Penny Williams

      Hyperactivity can be due to sensory issues, specifically a lack of proprioceptive input.

      Stimulate the Senses: 5 Tips to Help Kids with ADHD & SPD Succeed at School

      An occupational therapist can help with strategies and activities to address some of this.

      Impulsivity is also likely the culprit for some of these behaviors. He isn’t yet able to think about consequences before acting. His brain is just moving too fast.

      My Child Doesn’t Listen! And More Frustrating ADHD Discipline Problems

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      My kid has adhd too. He can concentrate for hours on things he’s interested in but has a low tolerance for boredom. He starts feeling everything that’s uncomfortable with his body and making loud noises of protest. Not good in school.

      I’m seeking some parent training. My firm belief is that he doesn’t need to change all the adults do.

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      Has he been evaluated for ODD??? It sounds similar to some of the behaviors of my son at that age and he had a combo of things, with ODD being the inflating behavior of everything else. May be worth checking into…it could also be the start of bipolar disease, which drs won’t diagnose in kids that young, but you may be able to get a handle on his highs and lows and dangerous behaviors. Cognitive therapy and maybe a change in his diet (avoiding processed foods) may help. You should have him checked for food allergies also. Sometimes food allergies can cause that, also.

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      I hope this will help. The important part is:

      ‘the average ADHD child is 30% behind their age’ ie they are showing the emotional age of someone much younger.

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