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    Hi all
    I am a 39 year old woman and have only been diagnosed roughly December last year with ADD (inattentive) (but have already been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety and been on anti-depressants for 20 years) and have tried Ritalin which didn’t work too well, and then onto Dexamphetamine Sulfate which according to my husband and daughter made me super angry and more irritable. I am now trialling Zyban (Bupropion or a believe Wellbutrin) with my Dex and my anti-depressants until the Zyban kicks in and then I will be taken off the Dex and then hopefully the anti-depressants. I am looking for anyone in Australia (or elsewhere I guess) who has taken Zyban and their experiences with it. I am also keen to speak to anyone who has taken Dexamphetamine and had anger bursts where they couldn’t control their outbursts. I am ALSO super keen to just chat in general with anyone in Australia about life in general with ADD, anxiety and depression. Please reply!! Mary-Anne out!

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    Penny Williams

    Here are user reviews — Wellbutrin: https://www.additudemag.com/medication/wellbutrin/ and Dexamphetamine (ADDerall is brand name): https://www.additudemag.com/medication/adderall-xr/

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      Hi Mary-Anne:) I am also in Australia and am in the process of getting an official diagnosis so I can’t help yet with meds but I am also super keen to talk with fellow Australians about their experiences etc. I have a strong familial history of undiagnosed/late diagnosed ADHD (I am also inattentive) and I am a clinical nurse and have done a heap of my own research into symptoms etc and know 100% that this is what I suffer with (my GP and family all strongly agrees). I have been battling with depression and anxiety for years beginning in early adolescence and have only recently had the breakthrough after several misdiagnoses that the major cause for my issues is ADHD. Anyone free to chat would be very welcomed! Elly

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    Hi, I’m in Australia and I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago and tried both Ritalin and Dexamphetamine. Ritalin wasn’t quite right for me either but was amazing in the beginning, I still have fond memories of how slow my brain felt the first few days.

    Dexamphetamine was a horrible experience for me personally, I couldn’t sleep and when I finally did sleep for a few hours I dreamt of being awake. I was more irritable than usual and became paranoid and anxious. No anger outbursts but I wasn’t on it for very long.

    After a few tweaks to the Ritalin dosage that also weren’t quite right I ended up annoyed with the whole process and (typical for me) stopped seeing the psychiatrist. Instead I worked on getting regular exercise and doing some sort of meditation each day. It wasn’t perfect but was helping, but now am considering a change in routine again…

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      Hi Betty
      Thank you for your post.

      It is interesting to see that other people have had similar issues with Dex. I too was also anxious.

      Like you, I am trying to exercise regularly and do some sort of meditation each day. I think it all helps – especially the exercise and hopefully the right meds will to.

      Keep plodding along.

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    I would love to chat – maybe if you would like – we could chat outside of here too. I am in Newcastle. Where are you based?

    Thanks for your post Elly. I have only been taking the Zyban for about 6 or 7 days and am still weaning myself off the Dex so I won’t know for sure until I am completely off the Dex. I hope it works. I hope getting your diagnosis helps. Let me know how it goes. I wish I knew more about it – so I could help myself. I have researched but don’t get very far. My hubby doesn’t agree that I have ADD, so that makes it hard.

    I have had depression and anxiety for over 20 years and to now be told that I have ADD and that could be causing the depression and anxiety was an eye opener. Still getting my head around it all. No one in my family has been diagnosed with ADD/HD but have been diagnosed with depression and other mental illnesses.

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    Hi all, there is another Australian adult link, just search for ‘Australia’ in the forums and you should find it.

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    Hello, Today is sunday 02/02/20 and I am inviting you to contact me about wanting to chat with other Australians with ADHD.

    I am 59 years and live in Queensland. I suffered for many years with treatment resistant depressive illness before being prescribed dexamphetamine. From my very first dose the dex lifted my depression and opened my mind to a new way of thinking. I have since been diagnosed with adult ADD and believe it was ADD that causing my mental health issues all along.

    Fortunately for me I have had a very good response with being prescribed dexamphetamine and have virtually no side affects. I have learned to not take any dex after 1pm because I might have trouble getting off to sleep but other than that for me it has been a life saving drug.

    My depression and difficulty organising my thoughts were so severe I was constantly fighting just giving up and letting myself become another statistic in Australia’s shameful suicide rate.

    If any of you have been discriminated against by health professionals for having a disorder that requires a schedule 8 drug to treat your symptoms please know you are not alone. Although my psychiatrist has been very professional I have had to deal with an ignorant pharmacist who felt she had the right to shame me in front of other customers. I live in a rural area and my health should be confidential but that hasn’t happened for me.

    I am mentioning these things so you know that I can empathise with you the difficulties we face through no fault of our own. I am not sure if it’s appropriate to put my email address up here but please do not hesitate to respond because I am more than happy to provide support. You would be doing me a huge favour as I feel very alone and isolated myself.

    I have no experience with Zyban myself but I do know someone who was prescribed it to help stop smoking.

    Best wishes, Michelle

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