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      As a lot of ADD people know, having an automatic reminder to do something is great. Put it in your phone set to pop up at some point in time. It puts it in front of you when you need to do a task. However, with most reminder apps, it will pop up at the time specified and then disappear. After five minutes (or less usually), I’ve forgotten about it. And unless I look at the list of actual reminders, I don’t remember them.

      So then I need a reminder to occasionally remind me to look at the list of reminders. Sigh.

      So I have an iPhone. I just found this app called Due. You put in a reminder for a task and it will pop up a reminder on your phone when it is due.

      If you don’t take some action on the reminder, like either snooze it for a period of time, or mark it as done, it will then pop up again in 5 minutes. And keep on popping up. Every. Five. Minutes. So far, this has been a blessing. And a curse at first. I kept snoozing reminders. Then I’d get 10 at once. I’ve just started really pushing myself to actually take care of the task when it pop’s up so it’s not as overwhelming.

      The interface is very plain and simple and snoozing is set up really simply with a couple of buttons to add increments of +10 minutes, +3 hours, + 1 day, etc.

      Now I want to find something similar for a family member, but for Android. I can’t seem to find anything that has a similar feature with the nag every 5 minutes.

      Does anyone here know of an equivalent app for Android? It does not have to be free. But it should have the nag feature.

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