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      I was diagnosed with ADD while I was in grad school, and made the mistake of telling a few other people about it, including my grad advisor. This apparently led to a falling out with my grad advisors which resulted in me being pulled off of a position on a research project that I had been told earlier that I would get. When my advisor wouldn’t answer my questions about what happened, I spoke with HR about what I should do. HR told me to speak with my advisor about it again. After I talked to my advisor again and told him that I had spoken to HR, I began to be harassed by my advisors as well as the other students in the lab. Essentially what they would do is set up scenarios such that if I complained about it then I would look delusional. Generally they would do this when no one else was there, but then act totally normal when there were visitors in the lab. Eventually I spoke with the department chair about this behavior, which just led to bolder harassment at the school and trouble at the university health center where I was abruptly switched from my normal doctor to the head of the health center and was drug tested. After that I was not taken seriously at the university health center. At one point I tried to talk to the doctor about the harassment, but before I could actually talk about it he told me “they must be scary people.”

      It was particularly troubling that I could be harassed like this apparently indefinitely, and if I complained it would be me that would would be punished. Meanwhile my career was being stalled by my advisor, and my reputation at the university health center was being degraded until I finally moved away after enduring this for over a year.

      I ultimately had to switch to a different career, and I feel like I was forced into giving up my career in science research.

      Anyway, it was a tough situation and I would like to talk to someone about it, however I feel like I will just be treated like I’m delusional again. Not sure what to do.

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      That sounds like an awful situation you had to experience. I would recommend you search for an independent therapist in your area that specialises in ADHD.
      They will be better able to be detached from the situation and be able to help you with any problems these events have caused you.

      It is also worth looking into speaking to an organisation in your area that specialises in arranging work place adjustments for your conditions as they will be able to help you navigate the legalities behind workplace discrimination.

      I mention this as disclosing a disability can result in traumatic events as you have experienced. Knowing your rights will help you make informed decisions on when to disclose, who to and how to ensure your best interest are accounted for.

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      I just wanted to start off saying I have ADHD and it most certainly is not a illusion. The way you were treated was beyond awful. Did you file a case for bullying at your school. If you did you should maybe try the police, while it may be extreme it seems to fit your situation. I am so sorry that you had to give up your place at that school, however, you shouldn’t give up your career. In the above comment, it mentions how you should look into organizations that specialize in arranging work for those in your situation. This would be a good step for you to take.

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