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      I’m looking for a smart watch to use with my Apple iPhone. I would like to be notified when someone is calling, if I receive a text and calendar/reminder/alerts/alarm. I am insanely distracted by my phone and I know it is killing my productivity. I would love to just lock it away, but I have 3 kids and I am self employed, so I need to be able to be reached. I am not tech savvy at all, so I would like to find something simple. I just have no idea where to start! Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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      I did this 3 years ago or so, and it’s been super helpful. I went with the Apple Watch for simplicity’s sake. It sets up easily and it’s pretty simple to customize what notifications feed to it and which ones don’t. As a self-employed mom of 5, it’s certainly helped me feel a little less distracted but still allows me to utilize reminder tools, etc that are necessary for me to stay on top of (or close to) life.

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        Do you have any suggestions on which Apple Watch? There are so many to choose from and I’m clueless as to which would be the most simple to set up and operate.

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      I didn’t want a smart watch but I use a really basic one that was given to me called mi band 3 from xiaomi which is really cheap and does all the notifications I need without being distracting or bulky.
      I think the newest model is the mi band 4 and is $35 on amazon. There is a bigger version that is more the shape of the apple watch too.

      My friend got these to see if they wanted to invest in a more expensive watch. She ended up getting a more expensive one but came back to the mi band because it was so simple.

      What I most like about it is I can use it as a vibrating alarm without any sound as I hate noisy alarm clocks!

      But I would suggest having a look at some websites like techradar and wearable to get an idea of all the different things the watches can do.

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        Thank you so much. I definitely need the vibrating alarms, I seem to respond best to those. I will check out the mi band, I’d never heard of that one, so I sincerely appreciate the information.

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      Go for Apple smart watch.

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      I have a fitbit versa that i use with my iphone. It has vibrating alarms, i use these to remember what time to leave, when to take meds, if i have something usually to do today i will make an alarm to remember to do it. it vibrates when someone in calling me and displays name of who is calling (my phone is always on silent or the noise of notifications distracts me) it also vibrates and shows me texts that have been coming in.

      An apple watch is a good choice but i wanted something less expensive that i can still use incase i move away from having na iphone. Fitbit has been working out really well 🙂 i have had it almost a year now

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      I’d also look at a garmin vivoactive. I’ve had a fitbit and its great for what it does, I was looking for something a bit less expensive, and I found that amazon warehouse had a garmin vivoactive 3 on sale for ~$110 (new was close to $250), and because its manufacturer refurbished it still carried a 1 year warranty.

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