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      Hi – I’m hoping someone out there has used Trigen generic Concerta and can describe what it looks like for me!

      Apparently the Actavis generic Concerta isn’t available right now, and Caremark wants to give us one manufactured by Trigen, instead. I’m trying to find out if it has the OROS(?) delivery system (cylindrical pump) or if it’s a standard ER dissolvable tablet. I’m hoping one of you out there has used it and can tell me. Not even the pharmacy has access to a picture, and from the written description they have, it sounds more like a tablet than a cylinder that would be equivalent to Jannsen or Actavis.

      I know it received an AB equivalency rating, but I’d rather not take my chances.


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      It is a yellow round tablet imprinted with TL 706. It has a chalky look to it, like a plain aspirin type of texture not shiny or plastic looking. I hope that helps. My son was just prescribed this, and I am looking up to find out any information about it, but there is very little. I am pleased to know that it has received the A.B. equivalency rating but I would love to know anymore! Thank you

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      Hi All,

      In my one day experience with this new generic, I will never take it again. Extremely disturbing that pharmacies are allowed to switch generic manufacturers without warning or notification, especially with controlled substances, being that some people are only allowed by their insurance companies to receive a certain amount. I have been taking concerta ER 27 for over two years – stamped alza27 – my first and last day of Trigen generic was a nightmare. After decades of trial and error plus my brilliant, patient, and knowledgeable doctor, I found a perfect balance of medication to rid my mind of constant suicidual thoughts, anxiety, depression and ADHD. My healthy state of mind is contingent on keeping my meds balanced which is impossible to do if these companies keep throwing the newest, cheapest things into the mix. It’s amazing to me how I’m told with condescending looks of disbelief and that I’m being overly dramatic or questioning looks as if I’m an addic, “that all I have to do is up or down the dose of the new med?” Like, wtf?! Excuse my language, but to suggest such a thing to a person that has been struggling with major depression her whole entire life, 2 attempted suicides at 14, I’m 47, is the most irrational, incompassionate and completely moronic thing to suggest. It disgusts me, that we, I, a sick and unproductive person when not medicated, is subjected to this irrational, incomprehensible, and ignorant suggestion, especially coming from an individual that has multiple degrees..

      Last Sunday, I sat in my boyfriends kitchen, holding my head from a headache that wouldn’t quit, morbid thoughts beating down all hope and uncontrollable crying at the depth of the soul sadness in my heart. I fought all day as best I could to banish the garbage in my head with positive thoughts and gratitude lists but still I didn’t see any hope for living and those old, dreaded thoughts of I’m getting tired of fighting the pressure in my head to leave this place, came flooding back….

      I’m not making this stuff up, nor do I like to return to that space I used to live in for years, so don’t tell me I’m making it up. Don’t tell me to up or lower my dose – mental health is a serious issue, it’s life or death for some of us and there should be laws protecting the consumer from pharmacies, insurances switching medication like this without warning or just simply because they feel like it. I wonder, how many people of committed suicide because their meds were switched from one generic to another? How many times have people had breakdowns because their meds were switched and their loved ones weren’t informed?

      Anyway, I could go on, but I’ll lose my objective to warn all parents of switching their child from concerta ER to this new generic version. My motto, if it isn’t broke and there’s success DO NOT CHANGE IT!! It’s not worth being a quinia pig for something cheaper, it’s exhausting to switch and fail so try to pay the extra dollars, I’m sure the investment will yield huge returns, your baby is totally worth it!!

      Thank you all for listening to my rant. It’s been a week since I had my real concerta ER and I’ve searched everywhere to find it. I’m angry, I’m frustrated, so I hope I can protect someone from having a similar experience.

      Best Regards,

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        On Saturday, CVS had given me the new Trigen concerta without telling me the medication was from a new company. I took the medication anyway and it is now day 4… The first day of the new meds made me irritable and on the second day I experienced a panic attack. I take 36mg twice a day. The side effects disrupted me and I called CVS headquarters today. The pharmacy returned my called and said, “Get your Doctor to fill out a new prescription and specifically ask for Azla”. I then prompted by asking, “So CVS is now with Trigen”. The response I am concerned about is how she replied by saying,”Yeah.. You see I don’t know if you can receive Azla. All I can do is request and see if it turns up”.

        Have you found another pharmacy that has Azla?

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        I also had a negative experience with the Trigen brand. I had headaches and the pill was not effective. The pills came from CVS. I switched my pharmacy to Walmart so that I could get the Actavis brand.

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      I was switched from Azla to Trigen by CVS in December. My 36mg Trigen pill is a round white tablet that reads TL 708. I am a 43yo woman who has taken the Alza generic successfully for several years, since diagnosed with ADD in my 30’s. The Azla OROS delivery system worked wonders for me, the TL pill is a nightmare. Some days (like today) it is totally ineffective – might as well be a placebo – other days I’ve experienced significant irritability. I went into CVS and spoke with a pharmacist who said that they can no longer get the Azla generic as the entire CVS chain is switching over to Trigen Labs. He advised me to ask my physician to write a “brand medically necessary” prescription for Concerta, which would cost me $180 a month instead of my usual $30 co-pay for generic. This means another visit to the doctor to start a new prescription approval process with my insurance company – I just did the annual (totally frustrating) process a month ago. According to the rep I spoke with at Blue Cross, they will deny unless I can demonstrate that amphetamines did not work for me. As Dionna above, I am so frustrated that my life has been turned upside down with no notification or viable alternative to medication that worked very well for me for years.

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        I’m not sure if this will help any, but I fill my son’s prescription at Walgreens and they still get the Azla generic. Doctor writes the prescription for Concerta; Walgreens automatically fills it with the Azla generic.

        Not sure about other states or doctor’s offices, but my son’s doctor’s office is now able to electronically send the prescription to the Walgreens of my choice. So you might call your local Walgreens and check with them to see if they carry the Azla and then see if your doctor will send the next prescription to Walgreens.

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        Thank you, I just called my local Walgreens and they have it in stock. I hope they continue to carry it!

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      Thank you all for the responses, and sorry to hear about the negative experiences.

      To update things from my end, we did go through and try the Trigen version for my son over winter break, where we could observe any changes ourselves. We have not noticed any difference in the drugs performance for him from the Actavis brand that he had been taking. The pill does have a tiny hole in the top, and one of the pharmacists I spoke to said it is designed to have a similar timed release mechanism as the Azla/Actavis pump model.

      For another son (also on Concerta), I did go ahead and fill it with the Actavis brand before the end of the year. I had to call around to 6-8 different pharmacies before finally finding one that had supply on hand (none of them said they could order it any more, so I expect that this is it for us). Our prescription insurance is handled through Caremark, and I was able to get them to approve an override to allow the local CVS to fill a 90 day supply with the Actavis brand, since our Dr. had prescribed that specific brand. It did take a little back and forth, though, as the local pharmacy’s first response was “CVS only approves Trigen now.” They called in to Caremark and were corrected that they would still cover Actavis, though, as that was what was specified. (As above, my guess that this will only help if they have a supply on hand, as every CVS store I called said that they could only order Trigen now.)

      Best of luck!
      — Adam

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      Trigen Methylphenidate ER 54 mg tablet

      I take concerta for narcolepsy but I’ve always had Actavis brand with the ALZA printed on it but when I went to get my prescription refilled a few weeks ago for the new year, i was given these new round tablets with TL709 on it. Of course the pharmacist reassured me that it’s the equivalent to what I had been taking before but honestly, in the 3 years I’ve been on concerta, I have never felt this anxious and tense. It makes me feel shake-y and over alert. Ive been told I stare at people for minutes without moving. I’ve been taking the new pill for a month now and I do not like the way it makes me feel at all! The pharmacist again assured me it was basically the same, but… I don’t know! I only get my concerta from CVS because HEB would not fill my prescription because my doctor used a stamp instead of signing the prescription. But if CVS is no longer receiving actavis, I might go back to HEB or Walmart!

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        Penny Williams

        I was told by CVS last week that they have a contract with Trigen and will only offer that generic Concerta. Knowing it wasn’t good enough, I called around until I found that all the Walgreen’s (at least in my area) carry the Actavis generic.

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      I learned today that the TL708 36mg pills distributed by Trigen Labs have been recalled. I’ve been successfully getting the Actavis 36mg from Walgreens, but wonder what CVS Caremark is doing since the Trigen recall. I fill locally every 30 days, but would like to try mail order for 90 days. My Blue Cross plan uses CVS Caremark for mail order, so I think I’m out of luck unless CVS started carrying Actavis again.

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        Penny Williams

        You’ll have to ask your CVS what they are carrying. When several Concerta generics were “downgraded” to not equivalent by the FDA a couple years ago, CVS was still filling with those generics NINE MONTHS after they weren’t supposed to be using them as a generic equivalent!

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      My CVS only carries Trigen. I also have Aetna insurance who’s in bed with CVS and i can’t get the BRAND they won’t pay for it. I was reading someone was saying they had horrible headaches. I take the 54 mg TL 709 and I have been getting insane headaches lately and nothing would stop them. I ran out of my meds and had to make an appointment, the headaches decreased tremendously. I was feeling quite depressed more than usual and I am on celexa for that and the anxiety. I was great until the recent change of my medication. My Dr. needs to write a letter to my insurance company stating the brand necessity over generics. SO my RX sits a Walmart awaiting my Drs letter and Insurance approval! I am very frustrated by this. The 54 mg Concerta works perfectly for me and they just go off and change it with out telling me first!

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