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      I am a recent graduate from university and I am unemployed. I was diagnosed 1 and a half years ago while studying in Turkey ( I am from another country). The last 6 months have been tough. I have problems with anxiety, lost my motivation to get up early in the morning and I think I am a little depressed. I dream of being a researcher someday but my daydreaming, executive dysfunctioning and emotional dysregulation are an obstacle in my way. Not only that, but I have a sense I am missing on life. I am grateful that my parents are still financially supporting me, but I want independence even though my actions are not saying that. I feel stuck in life and I feel that I am late for everything. I have not experienced a decent romantic relationship for 7-8 years ( I literally mean that I did not have a girlfriend; currently I am 23).

      I have read books and articles and watched a ton of videos about self-improvement, motivation and all that stuff but I still feel stuck. I have problems organizing my life, regulating my emotions and making plans to change my life.

      During adolescence I had major problems with anxiety, but even though I come from an educated family they did not send me to a therapist. And as a protective mechanism I turned pathologically to religion ( I am a muslim). Then, in university I started to having a critical view of life and religion and thus started to question religion. Then I started to have a more balanced approach but still with question marks in my head. Nevertheless, this whole intellectual, spiritual and health-related mess added a lot to my symptoms of ADD. I got my diagnosis in Turkey, as I mentioned, and a psychiatrist there diagnosed me.

      I am looking to enter a group of people with similar concerns and that are trying to change or have changed themselves. If you want to get in touch with me write your e-mail here. I want to talk to people with whom we can exchange experiences and maybe help each other!

      Thank you for you time and energy,

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      I don’t know where you live, but I help run the Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group, located in NYC. We meet once a month (usually the first Thursday of the month) at the West End Collegiate Church.. Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group

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      Give me a shout out at ivorykeysstudios@yahoo.com and congratulations on the self-awareness at such a young age. Believe me your in good shape


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