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      Hello, my name is Jeremisha I am new the website just happen to stumble upon it and I am glad I did. So I have a 5 year old son who has been diagnose with ADHD about 7months ago I have been just an complete “WRECK” dealing with everything but I will talk about ALL OF THAT at a later time. I was trying to see if anyone is interesting in helping me start a support in my surrounding areas since we do not have anything like that down here by the way. I stay in Mobile Alabama and I feel like a support group for parents who children has ADHD we be not only beneficial to me but to so many people and since it is nothing like that down here why not start one. One of the problems I am having is I really just do not know where to even start. So I would be grateful if you have any ideas or anything would be so wonderful and I will truly be appreciative. Well thank you in advance and cant wait to hear for you.

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      Jeremisha, we would be interested in helping get a support group started…we have 7 y/o twin girls who are pretty sever adhd…we live on Dauhpin Island but in Mobile frequently as my office is here.
      brandon@baronsinc.net or text 479-880-6762

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      I just started a group for parents of adhd kids on meetup.com to get started. I live in Indianapolis but would love to help if you’re still needing it. joneslatoyad@gmail.com.

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