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      1. At times living with ADHD is like living with 100 different people in our brain all seeking attention at the same time.

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      Yes it is.

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      To your 100 people point.. I have read some material that talked about the ADD brain function working in a way that doesn’t properly adjust the “volume” of the environment around us. In other words, neurotypical folks experience the person speaking to them in the primary rank and the rest of the world is farther in the background. The ADD brain often takes in the surrounds all at the same level simultaneously. This can make it harder to stay focused/engaged on just one thing for an extended time.. 🤷‍♂️

      I have heard a few others that seem to ring true, especially for me.. So far my favorite has been this- “like trying to drive your car down the road, at speed, in the pouring rain, with wipers that dont work.”


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