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      Currently my son who is 8 yrs old that has been diagnosed with ADHD is on medication does not listen to simple requests from mother/father/grandpartents such as putting on his shoes before going outside, putting on a helmet to ride his bike or putting on his clothes before school. Even after multiple asks he will refuse to do what he asks. We know that he could hear us and he fully understands what is being asked of him but he decides to act defiantly instead of obeying. Is this a situation where we need to see a psychologist? Are there any tips or advice on getting him to listen? Rewards nor punishments work with him.

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      Penny Williams

      Is this really a defiance issue? Generally, the answer is most often no. Determine the reason behind the behavior (refusal) and then you can improve the behavior by addressing the reason.

      This could be slow processing or auditory processing issues, executive functioning deficits, working memory challenges, or his brain getting ahead of his body.

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