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      I’m a 26 y/o bachelors degree graduate and I’ve been struggling with no light at the end of the tunnel feeling since I’ve got out of college, I find it mentally stressful looking for jobs that Fit me. I’ve done safety compliance, behavioral therapist (currently 8 months in working with autism kids but my performance on data is slipping due to my lack of passion just like safety which is my major), receptionist, fruit warehousing/packing, sales associate,.

      I looked into radiology tech but I don’t have advanced biology course done fr entrance into program so I have to wait another year, and I’m trying to get on a substitute teacher list to see if I want to teach

      My big interest obsessions or hobbies is music, weed and anime, gym, skincare, looking good with clothes. I love to look at symptoms of disorders I am observer more than the person who does one on one like with the autism children, I love to watch documentaries with things I can relate with such and recently I watched one on ADHD because it’s basically my life and I like to see how I can relate to things

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      As someone who is 45, and only recently discovered I have ADHD, I reckon my advice is with hindsight. I have been in a job suited to neurotypicals for 15 years. I have struggled with it, stayed up nights to complete the workload, and the pressures which it has put on me have almost caused divorce with my husband (well that coupled with my ADHD).
      Anyway, there is nothing wrong with being in the wrong job for a period , as hopefully it will make you appreciate the right one. I have now left my job and work for myself. ….
      Many ADD people end up self employed, or else possibly learning to cope with the demands of the neurotypical world by treating their own ADHD.
      You are at a difficult crossroads having finished college. This is a time when you need to decide then act…… If you are not suited to working with autistic children, one thing is for sure …dont do it. That work is a vocation, and it will do neither you nor them any good by continuing something so intense which you are sure isn’t right for you.
      I cant advise you career’ll need to do that for yourself, but beware the pitfalls of your condition…..observing and watching documentaries is important and increases your knowledge, but you can lose hours and hours to that kind of thing…..dont forget to “do” and “act upon” your passions. Procrastination can be such a vice…..find your inner ADHD hyperfocus and make it drive your career choice…..also treat your ADHD….(whatever way you choose with meds/ naturally/ with environmental changes/ exercise…..all 4?).
      You are at a crossroads but you can do it! You sound though like you have to make some decisions and illicit what is right for you.

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      Which ADHD documentary did you watch?

      What you’re experiencing is normal. It’s not unusual to feel like you haven’t found your place or direction. It can take some time. I heard good advice once, “Follow your effort, not your passion.” Basically, what do you actually put time into and enjoy doing? Don’t think about what you would do as a dream job or makes you passionate, because passions change and turning a passion into work can quickly burn you out. What are some of the things you enjoy about your current job or the things you studied in school? What’s something you could see yourself doing for a couple of years or more?

      Are there other barriers getting in the way of you committing to something?

      There are no easy answers other than to give yourself time and feel free to explore things as much as is safe. It’s not always a possibility to chase a new career or try on different hats, but when you get the opportunity it can be worthwhile. Starting by volunteering is always a good way to test the waters.

      Good luck!

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      Penny Williams

      I think you’re doing exactly what you should be now. You’re exploring options and looking for a good fit. So many people settle for a “job” and then dislike their job for decades. Keep exploring and looking to be true to yourself and you’ll find the right fit. 🙂

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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