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      I’ve noticed a lot of exacerbated ADHD symptoms by taking SSRI medications. SSRI medicines are hard to manage when I have severe hyperactivity and inattentiveness with ADHD, yet the SSRI seems to help in other areas that I mentioned.

      I have spoken to my psychiatrist about this a couple times, and he told me to try and time the doses between Dexedrine and Lexapro so I don’t have too much Lexapro before trying to study, and try not to have too much Dexedrine close to bed.

      Is there an easier way to go about trying to manage comorbid conditions because all the interactions of Lexapro and Dexedrine seem to be really frustrating to always keep in check.

      What I am currently doing is doing “micro-dosing” and just taking 5-10 mg of Lexapro at certain times of the day, followed by 2-3 hours later 10 mg of Dexedrine, followed by another 5-10 mg of Lexapro, and repeating that alternating pattern.

      I just don’t like having to split up dosing so much and remembering all the periodic doses is hard, yet this sort of medicine regimen is what I have noticed the most success with. It is just a very high-maintenance way of going about managing things.

      Are there any ideas on how I can better handle these symptoms possibly without needing to be so “on-point” with all the times between doses and which medicine I’m taking (and how much of each)? It’s truly a full-time job!

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      Penny Williams

      I don’t have any insights on taking these medications together, but here’s an enlightening article on having both ADHD and OCD:

      OCD and ADHD: The Polar Opposites That Are Not

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Oh my ! I also have both and addiction ! I am doin act which is accepting the thoughts in my head and commuting to action based on my values ! When I come here on additude mag I get obsessive about other people’s symptoms ! I am treated with a SNRI for my ocd and nothing for my adhd ! We have tried some meds that are not addictive but one ran out in the country and the other (modafinil) didn’t help !

      Staying busy helps me and getting out of the house doing task after task ! Sometimes I have obsessions and I just focus on something else that I like or am interested in and they go away ! Luckily I have been less obsessive and I’m working on myself and getting my life back on track! After trying to do law and not being fully able to finish it I’m in the process of switching careers and applying it to a new college while also working with my mother ! I have little time to worry !

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