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      It is 100% proven and agreed upon that Aurobindo generic Adderall and Dexedrine are at best sub-par. I state ‘sub-par’ as a courtesy to the manufacturer. In reality, for 20% of the people who consume the tablets they have little positive effects, and minor to medium harmful effects. For 40% of the people who consume the tablets they have horrible results, for 19% of people like myself, end up almost dead. Then, there is the 1% remaining who I can only assume are paid employees of Aurobindo who never took the products, but have to say they work or they loose thier job.

      The FDA just stated that it’s not going to follow up and investigate Aurobindo’s facilities that make the contaminated and poisonous tablets that we are being forced to take.

      I know this is asking alot from everyone, but the only way we can rid the United States of Aurobindo is to refuse to accept any prescription from them. Yes, I know, you will have to go to different pharmacies, etc. But we have to pick a date and put a line in the Sand.

      Let’s make it today!!!!!!!!!!

      Make a statement, even if you have never posted here before, PLEASE just post this once to say that you pledge to never accept ANY prescription manufactured by Aurobindo again for the rest of your life.

      Thank you

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      Aurobindo is garbage period

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        Yes it is garbage, but we need everyone all in!

        We need the fellow previously ripped off victims (sorry patients) of Aurobindo who may have purchased another fake drug from Aurobindo to join with us to iradicate Aurobindo from not only our pharmacies, but from our formulary.

        Please, no matter what prescription you are going to pick up, even heart burn meds or Valium, before you touch the bag ask the pharmacist to read the manufacturer of the drug to you. If he reads AUROBINDO, quickly refuse the prescription and let him (and us) know that his pharmacy is selling poisonous tablets! Next let him know you also need the LOT number, NDC number and expiration date of the fake tablets (Aurobindo) to complete the required FDA Forms identifying the illegal pills.

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      Aurobindo cuts corners on EVERY DRUG! Even several pharmacist told me the same basic thing….
      “With all the certified generics, MY COST/PHARMACY COST is $225 to fill your prescription and Aurobindo tablets at MY COST is $28. To the pharmacist that major price gap alone throughs a red flag. Something is not right!!! Then add on all the complaints?

      if we get together and tell all of our friends and family to refuse to fill ANY prescriptions, (no matter how mundane the RX is) with pills made by AUROBINDO, we can make a difference.

      Personally, I am 100% TEVA because I know it’s at minimum safe to take and won’t poison me. ANY RX I have to fill the pharmacist knows it has to be TEVA, but if that cant be done, most of all not Aurobindo or Zydus, Blue, Sun, Maine, etc

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      The brand Aurobindo Adderall really works for me. I get the focus without the wearing-off anxiety. I was diagonosed with ADHD 15 years ago. All brands of Adderall get me to a productive focusing point. -it quiets my emotional intensity caused by derailing frustration and impatience with myself etc. The main difference between the two brands is that I can sleep (take naps when I’d like too) when I’m prescribed Aurobindo Adderall.

      I am concerned about what has been claimed about Aribindo because it is the brand I prefer. Contamination? Harmful to the body? Is there any reliable information (not to discount the importance of personal experience and bad reactions to Aurobindo Adderall) about an ingredient that Aurobindo is using that is harmful? -or what ever it is causing bad reactions to Aurobindo. If it’s harmful, I can switch back to Teva.

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      Yes. I’ll get on the bandwagon if I can find scientific information about it. Thanks!

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