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    When I took methylphenidate hcl SR 10 mg I was more energetic. Not doctor increased my dose to 20 mg I’m not feeling energetic always lethargic and dull always sleeping at morning. What shall I do. Should I ask my doctor to increase my dose.

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    It sounds like the increased dose is too high for you. When someone takes too much stimulant, it can actually create the “zombie effect,” as many call it. No matter what it might be, call your doctor and discuss it and ask for their guidance.

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      My 22 yr. old grandson takes 20mg three times a day, and sometimes you would not think he took any. He will start te lling me something, and will go on and on. He is a sweet boy, but gets very upset when asked to get his attention on something else for awhile. He also is developmentally delayed, and very immature. He sees a psychologist, as well as group support once a week. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, Grandme

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    Hi, I back that amount of Ritalin at night so I can sleep. It’s different for everyone. If you use it during the day, stay at the lower dose.
    My experience is when you are tired with an increased dose it’s too high. It happened to me also with elvanse. Anyone else had thus problem?

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    My doctor prescribed Adderall. I took a half and got so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So much for focus. My doc didn’t know why, time to get a new dr. Has this happened to anyone on Adderall? It’s 10 mg.

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