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      I have ADHD, diagnosed ten years ago.

      My son lives in Heidelberg, Germany and shows every sign of settling down and having a family. Him and his girlfriend only ever speak German at home and I’m convinced they won’t teach English to any children.

      So I’m learning German. I have a super online teacher and I’m working hard at my homework every day (I’ve never worked hard at homework before lol!)

      But my memory is letting me down. Learning the verbs and grammar goes fine – then an hour later it’s ALL gone 😡

      Any tips/ideas?

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      The best I can offer is making notes of what you are learning. Lists should help too. Try to find some way to record everything you learn within the time frame that its all in your mind so you can recall it once you forget it all. Its what I have to do when I am doing college work myself. Even voice recording might be useful, recording what you say to help you remember or recall the stuff you forget. I pray this all helps you.

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      One tactic I use when trying to learn new words is to break them into smaller ones…such as: Compromise = Com – pro – mise. I visualize the word, then I can relate it back to the meaning…

      Another thing I do is hear the way a word or phrase sounds in English and try to tie it to something about the word: Playa = Beach – Play a(t) Beach

      It won’t work for everything, but it might help give your brain something else to hold onto besides just the ‘verbs and grammar’ which isn’t all that stimulating…lol.

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