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      Hi umm new to all this so bear with me.
      My son is 15 and couldn’t care less about ANYTHING, just wants to be shut in his room on some electronic device, no interaction with me or rest of family.
      he picks at his skin constantly, i mean seriously sores, zits, scars etc. We have done the therapist ( 6 different ones in the last 7 years) we have done the med therapist, we have done the DRs we have done med changes, school changes, home-school, etc

      He doesn’t care about ANYTHING, today he is at his grandmothers who helps me home-school both my children when i have to work, he sat and did nothing,he just kept saying he couldn’t focus and he was itchy, he was literally digging at his skin like he was covered in fire ants, got him in a shower of cool water which he sat in for 1.5 hours…..gave up on the school work, he ate 3 huge sandwiches and is now perfectly fine.

      I dont want to write it off that hes just lazy and will behave anyways he can to NOT have to do homework cause he is a really bright child, 2 years ago in public school he was getting straight As & Bs….now he says he has trouble understanding things at a 3-4th grade level when he should be at his age level of 9th-10th grade.
      if you ask him whats going on he completely shuts down and cannot give you a straight answer, we have tried every “troubled child” book i can get my hands on.
      he was dignosed as ADHD with a social aniexeity problem but never had any learning disablilities.

      I don’t know what else to do to help him and Im losing my mind


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      Penny Williams

      Is he taking medication. It can cause weird sensations for some people. ADHD medication specifically could cause him to be lethargic if the dose is too high for him.

      If he’s not taking medication, it could help a great deal with focus and getting schoolwork done.

      The skin picking can be a condition of it’s own or could be anxiety:

      Hair Pulling! Skin Picking! Nail Biting! Oh, My!

      The itching to that intensity is a concern. It sounds like he needs a thorough physical and then maybe a neuropsychologist re-evaluation. Things have changed, and they’re not going well, so it’s time to seek new answers or updated information.

      Lastly, create some opportunities for success for him. What does he like to do? What is he interested in? How can you adjust expectations a little, for now, to help him feel successful?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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