Latin American wanted: Cross-Cultural differences in Emotion Regulation

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      My name is Kathrin Bauer and I am a research assistent at the institute for Social and Cultural anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. We are currently conducting a study about cross-cultural differences in emotion regulation among adults with ADHD. Our aim is to investigate cultural differences in emotion regulation and well-being among adults with ADHD.
      We invite any Latin American adult that has been diagnosed with ADHD (including those diagnosed as a child that still have ADHD) to fill out our survey. Since this is a pilot study we are have no restrictions regarding age, gender, subtype, current treatment or nationality. The language of the survey is Spanish and can be accessed following this link:
      This study is a first part of a wider anthropological research project that tries to further the understanding of cultural and social influences on ADHD and the lives of those affected. Emotional dysregulation has been found to be a key issue that negatively impacts the lives and well-being of adults with ADHD. Yet, emotional development is influenced by the social environment in which a child grows up and notions of “normal” or “healthy” ways of dealing with emotions (as well as reactions to deviation of these standards) are culture-specific. In this pilot study we explore whether there are cultural differences in emotion regulation as well as whether the impact of emotion regulation on well-being depends on the socio-cultural environment of adults with ADHD.
      We hope that this line of research will result in practical applications like interventions to improve emotion regulation and/or strategies to improve the well-being of adults with difficulties in emotion regulation. With your participation in this study you can help us to achieve this goal!
      Thank you!

      P.S.: The pilot study is directed at German and Latin American adults. If you are an adult with ADHD from a different region/cultural background and you are interested in future projects, please leave a comment or write an email to

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