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      What a relief to see this forum. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with ADHD at age 29 and my life has been more productive & better in these last two weeks than most of my life. That sounds dramatic, I know. The emotions that have poured out of me the last couple of weeks are ones of sadness, relief and ultimately regret. I’ve been misdiagnosed with depression, anxiety and insomnia my whole life or flat out not heard about my symptoms. There are so many things that I have wanted to accomplish but just COULDN’T do it for some reason inside of me that I could never explain. From sleep to my self esteem and being able to focus, I’ve already made so many improvements and that’s with a 10mg prescription. I had such a negative attitude toward medication because the antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication given to me so many times before made me feel so WRONG and horrible. It took 5 years of therapy and one incredible doctor to convince me that I needed to try this route. I feel that who I am is finally able to come out and accomplish the things I so desire. Feeling relieved, sad and excited to discuss this with others in my boat. Forget the stigma around what people say about ADHD and Adderall. It’s not a life ruiner if you need it and practice healthy self control. Don’t let the misuse of this drug deter you from getting better <3 looking forward to discussing the many feelings and questions I have for those in a similar situation.

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      Glad you’re feeling so positive about your diagnosis. At 29 you have so much time left to accomplish what you want to.

      I’m currently waiting for an assessment/diagnosis and hoping it’ll help me feel so much more in control as I’ll have a better understanding of how/why I function the way I do.

      I’ve seen lots of helpful information on here and everyone seems really supportive.

      Good luck and enjoy your new lease of life 😊🍀

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