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      We all know that their is a hyper sensitivity to certain language used in school. It’s not just profanity but the use of word like die and kill. My son is having a great challenge refraining from using word in anger. This can lead to multiple discipline options that don’t work with ADHD. Has anyone experienced this and have any positive ways to resolve?

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      My 8th grade son has had some similar issues when angry or upset. Most of it has been minor and his teachers are pretty low key about it. The only major issue was when he said he wanted to burn the school down because he was upset about a penalty being placed upon him. Thankfully the school is small and all the staff know him well and his immediate reaction after saying it was to apologize and swear he didn’t mean it so after a consult between the principal, counselor and psychologist all decided it was an outburst not a threat so it did not escalate. I know that’s probably not helpful advice, but wanted you to know you’re not alone. I have had several talks with him about using these kinds of words and how they could end up getting him expelled or in juvenile detention because people take threats very seriously. He is also buddies with the School police officer who has explaied the same issues and potential consequences to my son so I think having someone of authority besides myself or teaching/admin staff talk to him about it has made an impact.

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        This does help! I have been working with my son as well as his counselor. I feel that it is clearly a part of the disability and should be viewed as such. Thank you for sharing with me, it’s good to hear he isn’t alone.

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      Dr. Eric

      Teach and reward alternative language and strategies.

      I am the guy who gets to do the threat assessments when this happens.

      Kids need to understand the gravity of the language.
      I have already had an 8th grade arrested with the news van and everything this school-year for a similar threat.
      Every school shooting in the news will raise the stakes even more.
      Law enforcement is caring less and less about intent.
      They don’t want inaction on their part to be a public case study like the task force that published a report on the Parkland shooting…

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