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      I got kicked out of nursing school two weeks before graduating as an RN because the director of the program was worried for the public’s safety… she said I was either on it and focused or all over the place and scary. I was written up several times for my behavior during school (speaking out in class, impulsivity, and talking too much). My grades were great but they said I lacked professionalism and interpersonal communication skills. I feel defeated and just wasted $37,000 I can’t get back because no one accepts my nursing credits. My family is disappointed and keep asking if I know what I’ve done wrong yet and I feel clueless. I was just having a hard time being calm and quiet all day in the class and sometimes I’d forget to take my pills before clinicals so I would be disorganized for a few hours. As far as school goes I don’t have much money left and I’m lost. I don’t know if I should get my bachelors then try to go to physical therapy school or a physicians assistant program. Guys am I immature? Will I ever act like the women my age who are reserved and responsible? Is this an ADHD thing or a social disorder? Am I truly disabled?? I’m 25 married with two kids and just can not act like my peers. Everyone looks down on me like I have some disorder and can’t keep my mouth shut or remember anything.

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      Penny Williams

      Is your ADHD being treated? That could help your focus and ability to handle all aspects of a nursing career.

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      If you’ve been diagnosed and on medication then perhaps you are on the wrong medication or too low of a dose. Was the director of the program aware of your disability? You might be able to petition the school, with the help of a psychologist, to explain you have a disability that is perfectly manageable when your medication is appropriate. Also, ADHD doctors and nurses are often steller as an ER doctor/nurse because if the highly stimulating environment. All of what you said is common to ADHD people and there are a lot of ADHD doctors and nurses. I would definitely go back to the school or try to find another school and explain the situation. That doesn’t seem right. After all, they have your money amd you dont have a degree 2 weeks before you graduate? Not right. You could even speak to an equal rights lawyer. There are other ways the school could have handled this. Keep pushing.

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