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      I got kicked out of nursing school two weeks before graduating as an RN because the director of the program was worried for the public’s safety… she said I was either on it and focused or all over the place and scary. I was written up several times for my behavior during school (speaking out in class, impulsivity, and talking too much). My grades were great but they said I lacked professionalism and interpersonal communication skills. I feel defeated and just wasted $37,000 I can’t get back because no one accepts my nursing credits. My family is disappointed and keep asking if I know what I’ve done wrong yet and I feel clueless. I was just having a hard time being calm and quiet all day in the class and sometimes I’d forget to take my pills before clinicals so I would be disorganized for a few hours. As far as school goes I don’t have much money left and I’m lost. I don’t know if I should get my bachelors then try to go to physical therapy school or a physicians assistant program. Guys am I immature? Will I ever act like the women my age who are reserved and responsible? Is this an ADHD thing or a social disorder? Am I truly disabled?? I’m 25 married with two kids and everyone looks down on me like I have some disorder and can’t keep my mouth shut or remember anything.

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      Hello meshapeterson88,

      Sorry to know you are going through a rough time.

      A loved one of mine is very disorganized, incessant talker. And it is sure difficult for others to cope with it, at times, including myself.

      There are some situations, I am sure, which are no one’s fault. Frustrations are both sides are understandable.

      While you figure out what are some practical ways to help you in this situation(talking to someone higher up, checking if anyone can be asked to go for these reasons etc) try not to take it personally. It’s difficult, but possible.

      No matter who gives up on you, never ever give up on yourself!
      Stay strong.
      At times we ourselves dunno what we are capable of! Its so easy for other people to miss it.
      Take good care of yourself.

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      I can understand some of your devastation. I am in a nursing program and have had to repeat 2 semesters. I’m surprised you were able to earn great grades while having a hard time “remember[ing] anything.”

      How long has it been since you were diagnosed? Safety is everything in nursing, as you’ve learned, so being “disorganized for a few hours” in a hospital setting is – yes, unsafe. You could skip over doctor’s orders, forget to document something, or worse – make a medication error. If your pills make you more organized, than it is paramount that you build structure into your life so you take them on time. They should be on your nightstand to take when you wake up, or you could set an alarm on your phone if you have clinicals at a later time, and always keep a few in your bag.

      So you must now assess what went wrong, what lessons are to be learned, and how to move forward.

      It sounds like your professors have multiple documentation of your lack of self-control. What changes could you have made after each write-up? There are a ton of books out there on ADD/ADHD that will help you identify ways to modify your behavior. For myself, I would sit in the back of the class so I could fidget without distracting other students, or stand if I was feeling antsy. I would write down questions I had instead of asking them right away. I used a recorder in case I spaced out during lecture.
      Who prescribes your medication to you? They are not serving you well if they are not asking how it is working, etc. Pills are not everything; you do need to create structure and make changes, as well. It sounds like maybe you need to try something else if your prescription is not helping with your impulsiveness.

      I don’t have answers to your questions because I don’t know you. Have you asked for academic advice from the director or maybe a professor you liked? It does really suck that nursing courses don’t transfer like other college credits, but some schools will take them; you just need to inquire with admissions. In the meanwhile- have you considered being a CNA (sometimes called a PCT) for a while? The education you’ve earned so far waives state licensing requirements for CNA courses. Earn money while making sure nursing is for you (since you are also considering physical therapy and physician’s assistant).
      My heart aches for you. I know the struggle! Remember that the only person that can change you is YOU! Keep us posted.

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