Keyboarding vs. handwriting

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    My 4th grade son struggles mightily with handwriting, especially at homework time when his meds for ADHD inattentive-type start waning. His associated mild dyslexia prevents him from demonstrating what he has learned in a timely manner if he is distracted by having to laboriously handletter the words. A cursive writing assignment recently reduced him to tears–luckily he won’t be required to do that anymore! At what age is it it developmentally appropriate to request keyboarding as an in-class accommodation? What are some good apps for learning to keyboard (called “typing” in my day!)

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    Whenever he isn’t able to demonstrate his knowledge with handwriting. That doesn’t mean you give up on handwriting. It just means you separate it out from tasks where handwriting isn’t the main point.

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    Many students with ADHD struggle with handwriting, and many even have dysgraphia (my own son does). We started keyboarding in 3rd grade, after a year of private OT for handwriting showed his handwriting wouldn’t improve.

    What Is Dysgraphia?

    In middle school, he started using an iPad for his schoolwork and using voice to text for longer writing assignments.

    Think about how often you really use a pen and paper in your own life now. Not much, if at all probably. Our kids are going to use technology to help them as adults, so why not use it now instead of trying to force them to write neatly, which their brains just can’t do. That’s my viewpoint, anyway.

    Here are some expert recommended typing apps:

    ADDitude Picks for Typing Software and Apps

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