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      I have undiagnosed ADHD combined type (my parents don’t think I have ADHD and they say I’m not trying hard enough and don’t care, even though I am and do.)I’m 15 and in highschool. I literally try my best to listen and to pay attention in class when the teacher is explaining something. I always say to myself “focus, you got this!” And I tune in for like 2 minutes and then find myself daydreaming and thinking about something totally unrelated.. it’s very annoying and it’s uncontrollable. I try my best to focus but I can’t. does anyone have any suggestions for staying focused while listening to someone?

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      Try fidget devices. Sometimes they help. Silly putty, fidget spinners, etc. Also, take notes. Repeat the information your teacher is saying in your head and write it down. Finally, when in doubt, ask your teacher if you can record her lesson. If you tell your teacher you think you have ADHD, they are supposed to let you record the lessons. It’s law in most states. Hope this helps! Best of luck.
      – Maddie

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