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      Hi all,

      Our 4 yo son (a twin) was diagnosed with ADHD last May. His behavior in pre-K and at home continues to decline (not following directions, ignoring requests, tantrums, meltdowns over seemingly innocuous things) and my husband and I didn’t know what to do. We felt that he was too young to medicate, so we enrolled him in a 6 month program at a Brain Balance Achievement center. The theory is that he has retained some of the infant-type reflexes that are inhibiting his executive functions, and with the right exercises, diet, etc, his these reflexes will go away and hence his behavior will improve. (There is an entire book on the theory/their process called Disconnected Kids).

      My question – does anyone have experience with the program and what were your results? We are only 1 month in, but will finish the program right around the time my son turns 5 yo.

      Thank you!

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      Penny Williams

      Here are some reader reviews of Brain Balance:

      Brain Balance Achievement Centers

      We had a thread a couple years ago discussing Brain Balance on this forum, but I cannot locate it. Most people had negative comments about it.

      In my opinion, it’s mostly the work an occupational therapist would do with a patient for far less money (like crossing the midline activities, for example).

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        Hi! I just came across your question and was wondering how your son was doing in the brain balance program? Our story sounds so similar to yours… we have a boy who is a twin that just turned 5. His behavior at home and prek is deteriorating to where it is so stressful for us at home and for his teachers at school. We did the assessment at brain balance two day ago and go in for the results tomorrow. It is so hard to find reviews to trust out there. Would be so appreciative for your perspective.

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      Dr. Eric
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      Wow I just read an extensive review by someone who took their child to BB and did a follow-up review for a year later. It sounds like a lot of time, energy, money (she spent $2,000) to manage the symptoms. It is the brain that is imbalanced. Instead of focusing on all the issues why not balance the brain? For $2,000 you get get 20 sessions of Neurofeedback. It is a twice a week 1 hour sessions commitment instead of 4 days a week with homework.

      I have had Neurofeedback twice in the past 7 years. First for chronic hyperactive impulsive ADHD totalling 24 sessions. 7 years later and I am still free of the “Tazmanian Devil” symptoms.

      Recently I did another round of 14 sessions to correct my post menopause severe depression and insomnia.

      It is almost impossible to put in words just how much I love Neurofeeback. To actually feel your brain self correct is incredible. And then to feel symptoms relieve and to feel more comfortable in your own body again = freedom.

      I hope you will consider this treatment for your child.


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      Dr. Eric

      There is research that supports movement/exercise (crossbody specifically) that has a benefit.

      The issue is that martial arts, yoga, dance, etc. have the same benefits for a whole lot less $$$ (And might be more enjoyable).

      I was not one to use anyone’s name, but I actually blogged on this for my son’s dojo.


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