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      And probably for a couple of months at least. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with adhd my complaints to my doctor were I could barely stay awake past 2pm. And being tired of get nothing done and pretty much pace all day not knowing where to start. My hyperactivity with video games as a grown adult for hours would distract me for hours before I started work at 3pm. I was given a script for DEXTROAMPHETAMINE 20mg once a day and what a life changer. I wasn’t lazy anymore and my thoughts were well organized. I believe before the DEXTROAMPHETAMINE I was starting to get panic attacks in restaurants or like crowds. Immediately after taking this medication all of those symptoms disappeared. I felt very normal. After a year of taking the medication I started to get tired and couldn’t focus at work, completely drained by 5pm. I informed my doctor and he directed me to take 2 20mg tablets a day 1 when I woke up and 1 right before I went into work. Now after finding this website and reading some articles the new dosage might have worked for a month or two but I didn’t realize that just because I can keep my eyes open doesn’t mean the medication is actually working. My hyperactivity with video games is back, I almost get nothing done before work, I’m a complete bum. My relationship with someone I love very much is slowly deteriorating. I pause in the middle of speaking and lose my train of thought constantly. If I fight with my girlfriend I’m like very high strung and easily frustrated because I can’t like express myself. My question is this , my monthly dr apt for my prescription is in a couple of days. Do I ask for a larger dose or is there another medication I can try? I’m kind of against asking for a larger dose. I feel like that might have not worked the last time. I’m a 33 yr old man in okay shape used to be in better shape when I went to gym everyday instead of feeling lazy and this is the only medication I take. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

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      Penny Williams

      Take your prescribing doctor’s guidance on this. There are many other medications you can try or your clinician might think it’s better to change timing or increase the dosage of what you’re on.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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