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      I’m 43. I got diagnosed yesterday. I kind of speechless. Don’t get me wrong, it makes perfect sense. But I’m just starting to accept the fact that I have chronic depression/anxiety and will have to “manage” this for the rest of my life. Now ADHD? Two “labels” that most people don’t take seriously? Two very serious conditions (for lack of a better word) that get tossed aside with “just-get-over-its” and “why-don’t-you-just-try-harders”. I’m angry.

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      Hi Baboo,
      I too was 43 when I was first diagnosed. My depression cleared up because it was a reaction to my permanent frustration with my lack of self-control my whole life. Together with my p-doc the first step (to your question „what next?“ was to stop anti-depressants and start stimulants.
      I feel great. Relieved to finslly have an explanation, to finally be more socially competence, to not screw up do much snymore.
      I wanted everyone zo know, it wasn‘t -me- who was defective, it was my brain.
      I tried to educate the importsnt people in my life. That was a mistake. Sounds like you are getting a similar reaction with „get over it“.
      The truth hurts, no one wants the details of your illness.
      You csn now live your best life, free from daily f-ups. Look forward to that.
      I‘m 54 now. The past 10 years were good, not easy but better thsn the ones before.
      All the best to you

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      Hi Baboo,

      I understand how you feel but i must say you don’t have to give up ok,it’s been said the darkest hour of the night is the early hours of morning so just when you think all hope is lost you just gonna be fine. Are you on any medication at the moment?


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      You mean this could have been ADHD all along? It is possible that I don’t need antidepressants? Oh. My.

      No meds yet. I’m seeing my doc this afternoon to have a chat about all this.

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