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      Hi all,

      So I came to realize recently that I need stuff to sort of “jump-start” my day. When I don’t, I will lay in bed until around 5 PM, when I’m most active until about 1 AM. Being a parent of someone who most likely has ADHD too, and being a full-time student, that way of life had just not been working well for any of us at all, for obvious reasons.

      When my kid and I are hyperactive in the evening and I crave to talk to my husband and she craves attention from us both, he sometimes can’t deal with the energy and he has to ask us to tone it down because we become a little too much for him lol

      So I find that I need to start the day off with stimuli I most enjoy and keep them going for the first, like, 4 hours of the day. I start off pretty good and I end up being slightly less hyper in the evenings because I burn off some of that energy earlier in the day.

      Some of the “jump-starting” techniques that have worked so far: I have to blast some of my favorite tunes. And yes, must be on high volume. And yes, I must be able to sing along loudly to it. Sometimes, I like to journal for about 10 minutes too. I have to guzzle some ice cold water, make a large pot of fresh coffee, and take a few hits of my vape. Then I’m ready to face the rest of the boring day lol

      What are some of the things that keep you going and dealing with the boredom and mundane crap of every day?

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